Missed direct debit

I have a direct debit with PayPal credit but recently received an email from them stating it failed on 7th September and that they are going to charge me £12. There isn’t a failed item in my feed though. The direct debit was collected fine last month.

My friend also has issues with Nespresso direct debits failing on Monzo and not being attempted

Did it appear in your ‘upcoming’ feed on the 6th?

May be worthwhile contacting in app support especially if it’s coming up within app, is it listed within the payments screen?
You should be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee scheme so if it’s been taken fine before then you’ll be ok.

Nope it didn’t show in my feed :frowning:

I spoke to someone on Saturday and they said they couldn’t see any attempts from PayPal to take the direct debit.

Strange, if that’s the case and you can see the direct debit setup within the payments tab of the Monzo app I’d contact PayPal as you should be covered against this sort of thing.

Maybe worth while checking the Sort code and Account number haven’t changed that PayPal use.

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Thanks, PayPal weren’t sure why it failed, they’ve re-setup the direct debit and removed any fees.


I had the exact same thing this week. :monzo: said that the direct debit wasn’t presented to them. I went back in to PayPal and set it back up but had a £12 charge as well might get in touch with them and see if I can get it back


Strange indeed. Maybe the DD instructions have been mysteriously cancelled or Paypal has an issue it’s not owning up to yet.


Very odd! @simonb have you seen any patterns around this in chats?

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We haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary I’m afraid!

Have you chatted with us so we can look into this for you? :blush:

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Yeah have done.

So, a different direct debit I have, with Amazon (NewDay) didn’t go through yesterday yet should have done. I had the email from NewDay saying it would come out yesterday, DD details are correct on NewDay. Nothing in my Monzo feed either.

Either there’s several companies that suck at direct debits, or there is an issue with Monzo.

I’m glad I haven’t gone full Monzo as if this happened with my car finance or something like a mortgage I’d be really pissed off.

Currently I’m having to manually keep an eye on all my accounts to ensure I get the payment in on-time if the direct debit doesn’t happen.

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Never had an issue myself with my DD’s but this is a major feature which cant afford to have any issues * (one missed DD from a Monzo issue not the DD company, would make me switch back to my legacy bank)


Not had any missed dds myself thankfully and I did do a partial switch but I knew the risks involved.

Unfortunately these aren’t switch ones, I set them up directly with Monzo, had the feed notification to say it’s setup and everything.

If it was a failed partial switch I’d understand but as I set these up manually with PayPal and NewDay they should be fine. PayPal reset their one last month so hopefully it works in October. If it fails again I’ll have to push harder on them and Monzo for a resolution as I can’t carry on like this.

Thankfully both companies I can contact them, they see the DD wasn’t processed and don’t give me a failed mark or late payment fee. It’s still effort though.

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No I don’t blame you. Very strange as had no issues with my paypal direct debit with Monzo.

My PayPal one has been fine since this also happened to me. :crossed_fingers:

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That’s good news, my regular PayPal one has always been fine, just the PayPal credit one I’ve had issues with.

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This failed to work again :frowning: