Direct debit validity?

Is there any way of telling if a direct debit is still live on my MONZO account? I can see the company name in the ‘Scheduled’ payments section but just hasn’t appeared in my feed yet. Direct debits always appear in my feed the night before but this certain direct debit which goes out tomorrow isn’t yet showing…? Should I be worried?

You shouldn’t be worried. My direct debits are often a few days later than scheduled, likely to account for weekends and such.

If it still shows up in scheduled, I believe that means the direct debit is still active on your account.


If it isn’t showing, it isn’t going tomorrow.

What dates has it taken previously?

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It’s a first time direct debit due tomorrow, supposedly?

Is Monzo telling you it’s due tomorrow, or the company?

Some companies only begin the direct debit process on the scheduled date, rather than providing you the date they expect it’ll be taken from your account.

PayPal credit do it this way too. I had a payment scheduled for July 5th. In PayPal it shows as completed, but it’s yet to even show up as coming out of my Monzo.

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Company told me 7th and the company name has showed up in my Scheduled Payments… just usually get a notification in my feed letting me know it’ll be going out at 03:00 etc etc. Wait and see then I suppose?

Yes. If it doesn’t go out tomorrow, and the company are sure it’s due tomorrow I would contact them. Been a while since I’ve had a new direct debit, but my memory makes me think it didn’t show for the first payment, but then the logical side of me thinks that’s nonsense.

Just hang tight! :crossed_fingers:


The company showing up means the direct debit mandate has been set up. Direct debits don’t always come out on time either. When I get bills they usually say on or after [insert date here]. It could just be late, or the 7th could just be the day they’ll start the process, like PayPal Credit do with my direct debit to them.

No need to worry though. It’ll be taken at some point. The company will likely contact you if there’s an issue.

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If it’s the first one it doesn’t appear in your feed. It will do next month

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