Failed direct debit following switch

I’ve started a live chat with Monzo just over an hour ago but not knowing what response times on a Sunday I’m hoping someone on here might be able to share their experiences.

I completed a joint current account switch on Friday 16th using the switching service. All of my existing direct debits have appeared on Monzo and are showing up as scheduled.

Today I got an email from PayPal saying a direct debit had failed on the 17th. I’ve checked PayPal and it’s still showing as linked to my previous bank account. This is despite Monzo listing it as a scheduled payment on my new account.

With the failed payment I believe this will show up on my credit rating and I will be charged a £12 late fee.

What should I do in this situation other than contact Monzo. Should I manually update direct debit details with PayPal? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I would manually update.

The CASS includes a guarantee to refund any fees if there is a mistake so you will get the money back from any late fees

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I had a CASS fail going from HSBC to NatWest where HSBC managed to transfer all my money over, closed the account and then my DD for mortgaged failed as they hadn’t successfully passed the DD over for NatWest to process.

HSBC gave £150 for the mistake and NatWest £50 for being useless in helping me pay the mortgage payment when their app only allowed £250 max before you had already paid and they couldn’t do it over phone or in branch. Anyway they made sure it hadn’t affected the credit reports.



I have the exact same issue today, PayPal tried to take the direct debit from my old account and it wasnt seen on the Monzo side.

This seems to be a recurring issue with switching using CASS after a quick google search.

Did you get any late marks on your credit file? This is what I am personally worried about.