Merchant logos only Twitter? Local too?

(Liam H) #103

Yep! Can confirm Instagram is okay :blush:

(Liam H) #104

Definitely wouldn’t want you to feel that way either Peter, sorry if it came across that way! :disappointed:

We’ve actually discussed giving feedback on submissions in the app recently, so I’ll make sure to pass this feedback on.

I’m also reviewing our training materials for merchant reviews at the moment, so if you could DM me the email you use for Monzo I’d really like to take a look and see what’s happened with your feedback. It might be a case of some fringe cases we need to capture, or review what happened with the info you submitted :blush:


Would be great if we could have a Facebook and put the website address as well as Twitter when submitting logos.

(MikeF) #106

The last we heard was that Facebook was ‘broken’ for this task at the moment. I don’t think we know what that means though…


Yeap, doesn’t seem to have been any update to the non twitter logo situation

(Jai Sullivan) #108

At the moment there also seems to be issues updating via Twitter according to COps? Normally a quick follow-up message and they’re done within seconds. Last few days I’ve been told there are ‘issues’ in updating. @liamh, any chance you could look into this and see what the problem is please?

Mia Porto Due & Texaco


My giffgaff recurring online payment is now showing map and address information for some reason, too… :woman_shrugging:

(Simone) #111

Just wondering if there is a problem with the merchant logo/data update. I’ve submitted some changes and no one has gone through


There is always issues with merchant data, myself and @Danny have reported this a lot so hopefully it gets fixed soon! It’s very low priority for Monzo so it could just be sitting in the list waiting for COps to get around to it

(Andy) #113

All my direct debits transferred to :monzo: today and there’s lots of wrong/missing icons but I see no option to correct. Does anyone know of one?

(Tony) #114

I believe they fix themselves automatically when the first payment is taken.


Yup. Some might fix one or two days before the DD comes out as I think this is when Monzo get more info from the requesting business.

If any dont look beautiful after payment comes out you can request a change on the transaction in the feed.

I think a lot of the problems with this stem from the fact that CASS only transfers a constrained length of DD name which confoozes Monzos system.

(Andy) #116

Ah thanks that makes sense!

(Patrick) #117

This one is really annoying me, I’ve submitted a Facebook link ( to the logo several times over the last few months but it hasn’t been updated.

For some reason it’s got the ‘general’ icon, but both the background and foreground are white, meaning it appears as a white square. It looks terrible in the transaction list as it’s invisible, there’s just a big space there.

I’ve submitted several other updates over the last few weeks and only the simple map changes have been fixed. The logos and names are still missing or wrong.

(James) #118

I think last we heard Facebook logos still weren’t working for COps to update logos, so it’s possible that this is still the case? I’ve never had it turn white like that but I do have some merchants where I’ve submitted the Facebook link and it’s never been updated…

:point_up: I’ve had this too, logos and names missing/wrong despite submitting the corrections - I don’t know whether like @ChrisBeldam says,

but it certainly seems like name/logo updating has gotten worse…

(Chris Rimell) #119

I’ve noticed some facebook logo’s don’t work properly. When this happened to a merchant I’d suggested be updated, I used the in-app chat explained that I’d flagged it already on the transaction and explained what had happened. They said “it was our error” and corrected it. I’m not sure what that meant precisely, but maybe they have to take an extra step when they use facebook logos?

(Allan Wilson) #120

Hi @BethS - please can KLM be capitalised? It’s an acronym of Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij. Submitted in the app and wasn’t changed.


I’ll try to have a look today, but I’m just back from some time off and I have a lot of catching up to do!


Maybe someone can fix these logos as well? Thanks!:slight_smile:

(Andy) #123

Not before all the changes I’ve submitted get fixed! :laughing: