Updating merchant logos

Hi all,

I live in Northern Ireland and there are a few places where I pay using Monzo and it doesn’t have a merchant logo and they don’t have a Twitter, but do have a Facebook.

Is there any other way of updating merchant logos that doesn’t require a link to twitter?



We’ve been told that you can paste in a Facebook link instead of a Twitter handle, but it’s a bit hit and miss whether they get accepted. I’ve had some get through and some that won’t no matter how many times I try.


Yeah it does seem to be a ‘Friday afternoon if I can be bothered’ kinda thing. Which is a shame.

Either commit to this or remove the option surely?


If you send it in they should look for a logo. They have for a few of mine now.

I sent a logo update for Lidl 8 days ago (with their Twitter handle) - but it still hasn’t been updated. Currently just has the generic grocery category icon :slightly_frowning_face:

I sent in a logo update this morning and 2 hours later updated!! Awesome! Someone was having a good Friday.

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Could someone from Monzo weigh in to let us know what the process is with user submitted Merchant logo suggestions? Sometimes it’s really quick and other times it just never gets done.

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That’s not really how the forum works but there was a nugget in here: My Day, Today, At Monzo that gave some min sight into how this is managed.

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