Updating merchant logos

Hi all,

I live in Northern Ireland and there are a few places where I pay using Monzo and it doesn’t have a merchant logo and they don’t have a Twitter, but do have a Facebook.

Is there any other way of updating merchant logos that doesn’t require a link to twitter?


We’ve been told that you can paste in a Facebook link instead of a Twitter handle, but it’s a bit hit and miss whether they get accepted. I’ve had some get through and some that won’t no matter how many times I try.


Yeah it does seem to be a ‘Friday afternoon if I can be bothered’ kinda thing. Which is a shame.

Either commit to this or remove the option surely?


If you send it in they should look for a logo. They have for a few of mine now.

I sent a logo update for Lidl 8 days ago (with their Twitter handle) - but it still hasn’t been updated. Currently just has the generic grocery category icon :slightly_frowning_face: