Merchant logos - allow favicons

I’m still keen to see merchant data be improved…

One way Monzo could do this would be to allow us to suggest favicons for logos.

What do people think? It strikes me that Monzo ought to be able to integrate this without too much work.

I agree. We need more options available as not every retailer has a Twitter account to suggest.


FourSquare and Instagram should also be valid logo sources, in my opinion.

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You can put any link to an image in the merchant logo requests and if suitable then they will use it.
It doen’t need to only be a Twitter profile, even though it says that.


You can suggest anything tbqh not just twitter. A COp should go looking for a logo (when I was trained you did) if not.


Although Twitter images seem to work best, you can definitely put a link to any image you think would be suitable.

When there’s not an image and we’re told about a name change or address change, we also try to source a logo on our own accord anyway :smiley:


So far in my experience of repeatedly asking for two local merchants to be updated precisely nothing has happened.

So I gave up. Which sucks but as this appears to be a ‘do it on a Friday afternoon if I can be bothered’ type of thing, then why should I bother, if Monzo aren’t gonna?

Ugh. Hate being so negative or a ‘small thing’ but here’s the issue, Monzo is an app and the UI for that app is a major selling point as it is your ‘storefront’. So when some of the icons in the feed aren’t accurate, it really shows up and looks like the app isn’t even finished. Shame really.

But hey, I can buy stuff and pay my bills so it’s all good!