Feedback when submitting new merchant twitter account

With my recent visit to South Africa, I came across many merchants that did not have logos (expected).
While waiting to board the plane on the way back, I decided to submit a bunch of twitter accounts for the relevant merchants.

Is there a way to see our history of “contributed” merchants and whether or not they were accepted/rejected?
and then if rejected, get told why?

Another example would be a merchant called “Woolworths”. It used the Australian twitter account (due to an exact twitter handle match), but the South African merchant’s logo is very different.



I submitted one on the 22nd June and nothing is showing yet. I think Monzo has better things to spend time on which is understandable, but like you, I love seeing the Logos :wink:


I totally agree (with better things to do).
I just wanted to clarify what their process was/will be :slight_smile:

Everybody wants to see their feed looking sharp! I hate not having logos and proper merchant names! :confounded: Unfortunately there is no feedback to merchant/logo updates at the moment. I tend to just follow them up via in-app chat if they aren’t updated within a few days. Hopefully this will change to a better process in future.


Submit again and again and eventually it will get through. It’s just a matter of being on top of the list at the right time. FYI you can also submit Facebook logos

One day my merchant feedback will be used :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: