Merchant logos only Twitter? Local too?

I was wondering why Twitter is the only valid way to request an updated logo. Is Facebook not as good? What if the merchant has no twitter account?

Also how about letting me set logos locally too. I appreciate logos aren’t your priority but you wouldn’t need to get involved so much if I could set my own too. Perhaps with the option of sending a copy to you for global use.


We can use Facebook :+1: you can always put in the Facebook link


Should we do this by selecting ‘Suggest a logo’ and where it asks for the Twitter account put in the Facebook link e.g. facebook .com / MERCHANT? I’ve tried doing this before and the logo hasn’t been updated? :cry:


Yeah, it’s a bit more manual on our end but I’ll share the knowledge again with the team.


Thanks! I thought I’d seen before that it was an option, but didn’t want to keep submitting if it wasn’t - not the end of the world to have no logo, but always looks nicer when there is one! :smile:

Been a few times where I’ve submitted a Twitter account, and a worse quality Facebook logo has been used instead.

I.e. on merch_00009L4K1B4ns3B80PsuNl
Screenshot_20180414-165905 looks much worse than

Do wonder what happens here… maybe if I update the address on a merchant at the same time and as staff go through, they see that there’s no logo?

Twitter is usually the primary place we go to :thinking: we might not update it if we see there is already a logo, though.

Out of interest, does the app directly pull the images from on the phone?

We cache it

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I think it would be good if you could have multiple places on that page so Facebook, LinkedIn would be a real good one and Twitter

Ah, that explains why Tiger hasn’t been updated to the new Flying Tiger logo despite being a huge chain and me suggesting it a couple times!

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if you chuck it through now I can see if I can grab it

Submitted, thanks!

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Could there be a way of saying a merchant has updated their logo? As I’ve got a couple of ones where they’ve updated their logo and their old one is still used in Monzo


Thanks Beth! That fixed one one but not their other locations so I just submitted for London (just the one I’ve gone to lately tho), Cambridge and Bristol. I thought they’d all share one logo in your database!

Aha, ok :+1: should have updated because the correct logo was showing on my end :thinking:

Maybe its a push to all other merchants that takes a second

Some way of linking the logo to the merchants Twitter so the logo automatically updates would be very useful


The merchant’s website should be the primary way of checking for a logo instead of using Twitter/Facebook.

Structured data, in particular, can be used to provide useful information and directly supports use of logos.

Websites can also use meta tags to link to their Twitter and Facebook profiles.

So it may be better to switch the dialogue box asking for a Twitter handle to one asking for the merchant’s website.


Totally agree. So many firms do not have Twitter but much more likely to have a website, my local café for example has Instagram, Facebook and a website but not Twitter.


Remember the reason for Twitter - the logos on Twitter tend to be a better fit.

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