Merchant Icons from other locations?

(Kieren) #1

I think it would be good if I could set custom icons for people sending/receiving money in my Monzo but also I think there should be more than just the Twitter option for submitting/suggesting a logo for a merchant… I would say that you should be able to suggest from any one of the following:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Merchant Website
  • a photo of the Merchants premises uploaded from local Photo Gallery.

As always, sorry if I am repeating an old convo


Often it is only after something is repeated a few times before it sinks in :wink:

(Leonard) #3

As a workaround, you can start a non-urgent chat with COps and provide the suggested details.

(Kieren) #4

Yea it’s not important, it’s only the logo :wink: Just would be nice to extentend the functionality as a lot of businesses nowadays have a Facebook page and/or website but not a Twitter account…

(Aled) #5

I found several merchants who have no logo sand no Twitter. More option would be better.


You can paste a link to any of the above into te twitter field, it will still be received fine by the COps.

(Kieren) #7

That’s useful to know! I had always assumed it only worked with twitter handles!

(James) #8

Although at the moment their ability to get the logo from Facebook is broken - I think it’s been mentioned on here before and was confirmed to not be working yesterday on the Developer Slack by @daniel.cannon