Suggesting a New Logo - Other Methods

(Jai Sullivan) #1

Are there any plans to introduce other methods to improve logos etc? At the moment the only option is via Twitter, how about via a website URL or Facebook URL like Starling offer? I currently have numerous businesses with no logos that I can’t update as they are not on Twitter.

(Colin Robinson) #2

They will accept website addresses even though it’s not shown.

(Jai Sullivan) #3

Oh great, do I just put it in the Twitter field or do I need to do it via in-app CS? Thanks!

(Colin Robinson) #4

Use the ‘Suggest a Logo’ field :slight_smile:

They’ll do the best they can if the website has a suitable graphic.

(Jai Sullivan) #5

Thanks — suggest a logo specifically says Twitter which is why I wanted to double check :smiley:

(Colin Robinson) #6

Just added a link above that suggest Facebook is also acceptable :slight_smile:

(Jai Sullivan) #7

Thanks for that and apologies, didn’t realise there was already a thread existing!

(Nick) #8

There’s a few businesses I use regularly with no Twitter account, and I have never, ever had a logo accepted from Facebook :confused: