Manage your money together with joint accounts!

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Joint accounts are now out of Labs and available for everyone!

Read more :eyes:

Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝
Does Monzo offer a joint account?
Better signposting needed for card activation
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So nothing new then that wasn’t in labs? :sob:

(Jack) #4

It mentions some improvements in the post, such as CASS, Pots & better transfers between personal and joint.

A more detailed list wouldn’t go a miss though :eyes:

(Jack) #5

Awesome! I’m sure these will be very popular!

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Those things are in the “what’s next section” so I assume not available now?

edit: sorry I see that you were replying to @glasgow and not me :smiley:


The “financial link” link in the text ( gives a 404 error…

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It should be

@bea @cookywook note that the comments in this post actually relate to student loans blog post.


I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I think the “expectation” of Labs needs re defining.

In reality, Labs is nothing more than a testing ground for the UI/UX tweaks (a group of bug testers effectively).

Perhaps I’m alone here, but I expected CASS, Overdrafts and Pots to be available to Joint Accounts as soon as it became “public”.

I had no problem with Joint Accounts in Labs, and I am a very content user of the account, but this feels more like ticking it off the big list, than being a mainstream product.

(Dan) #10

Do you know if IFTTT is on the cards for joint accounts? I hope so!

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The financial association blog says “you might create a joint account with housemates”. Shouldn’t that be a housemate as you can’t have more than 2 people on a joint account?

(Kris Littlewood) #12

Like other here, I thought Joint Accounts would come of Labs with at least joint pots, overdrafts and CASS. Without theses there are no real reasons for most people to switch to a Monzo joint account. It sort of feel like a rushed release, it should have been in labs for longer.

Also sorry for being negative, but I was hoping for a joint account card design the would actually work well at a glance (perhaps a difference colour or a full colour strip) and something that would work in vertical wallets. The new design seems a little basic.

Hopefully these initial things will be ironed out soon as development progresses on joint accounts.


oh you still can’t do cass

(Richard Cook) #14

Thanks, fixed!

(Duncan) #15

How ungrateful. Current accounts are awesome. And the features that you mention are being worked on currently. Monzo turned this feature out in a couple of months, and I think that we should all be very happy about that.

(Lewis King) #16

Agreed. Shame :frowning:


I’m not sure if you are missing my point - It wasn’t about the account as such (which I said, I was content with).

I’ve been testing the Joint Account for a month or so (maybe slightly less), and it’s done everything I’ve needed.

I personally don’t need an overdraft, CASS or even Joint Pots at this point.

But (and I’m conscious this element is now in multiple threads), what is the point of putting it into labs, if you aren’t going to change anything?

Yes, some minor UI tweaks were changed, but nothing else - It’s still very much a beta service, which doesn’t even come close to the personal account.


I think this is another case of some people in this forum taking constructive criticism as a personal attack on Monzo or a complete dislike of the feature in question.

Even though I don’t agree with what @nickh has said, it’s not constructive to disregard his post in this manner. Feel free to deconstruct his argument, but don’t just disregard it - it doesn’t help make Monzo better, which is the main purpose of this forum.

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Yes… came here to ask the same.

(Stu Greenham) #20

Why would they build out a huge list of features before it’s available to everyone?. They have to start small, release to all and learn from the usage which then in turn helps them prioritise what features are most important once they have a higher number of joint account users.

I think you need to reset your expectations on what labs is, not Monzo. They are simply allowing users to get access early to specific features with the aim of helping them test out stuff.


I think the point is… Nothing changed.

If it weren’t for the shadow of the “big list” looming over them, I’m not sure it would have been released (speculating).

Short of a few UI tweaks, it could have easily been released to the public from day 1.

Edit: The public have access to it labs, so it could have been picked up by everyone who wanted it.

The just seems no point in labs.