Does Monzo offer a joint account?

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Could you not do something similar to Curve where you select which card to pay with through apple/android pay on the app. Ie Apple pay uses your currently active card? Rather than having seperates


Yep really hoping that joint pots and CASS is follows the launch of joint accounts pretty quick so I can go #fullmonzo. Also excited for plum integration, hope it works with joint accounts!

(Adam Robertson) #614

When can we get on board with this?

(Jolin) #615

They do have this :point_up_2:


(Daniel O Williams) #616

I think it’s joint pots is quite important.


It’s started rolling out for some more test users and going in to labs soon. Check your profile page in account tab and see if it’s there for you. Will be near your contact details section


I feel like I’m checking this every 10 minutes at the moment! :joy:


Huzzah! Joint account on the way!


Lucky! I’m still hoping for it to appear, need to set up our new house bills!


Do you get a separate app for the joint account? I imagine that could have pots, no? Or is the joint account balance accessed somehow from your single account app?

In any case, being able to put joint account funds into pots that are accessible by both partners is important to me. The pots are a key part of the monzo experience for me. I’m especially looking forward to when it’s possible to automate payments in and out of pots. E.g. on the 1st of every month move £X (or Y% of balance) into pot Z.

(Colin Robinson) #622

One app only, accounts accessed from within.

(Jon Mulhern) #623

I’m very glad to be on the joint account now with my wife.
Once pots are available for joint accounts, we’ll move everything over.
Right now with our current bank we have a joint account, then several savings accounts for our different needs. We’re hesitant to move everything to the Monzo Joint account until we can maintain that separation.
For now, we’re going to keep our ‘eating out/entertainment’ funds in the monzo!
Thanks monzlords


Joint Accounts are live on Monzo Labs!

(Lloyd) #625

I was hoping to use monzo as my main account with my partner but realised once getting the joint monzo account that it doesn’t really add any value without pots. it’s no better than what my current setup is (using one joint account with one bank for paying in / spending then another joint account with another bank for paying out bills)

What would really kill my other bank accounts off for good would be payments from pots! having a “bills” pot would mean I can close the other 7(!!) bank accounts I have!


Pots will hopefully be here for joint accounts soon. Joint is still in testing this now and there’s lots of things still come out like CASS and pots. Paying bills from pots is also something being looked at which lots of us are excited for!

(Lloyd) #627

It’s all fantastic stuff, I’m just inpatient for these features because it will really solve so many issues! I was excitedly waiting for joint accounts then when they arrived it kinda felt like the wait started again (now for pots and CASS in particular), but I appreciate it takes time and nobody else is really pushing these sorts of boundaries. At least not the big banks who’ve clearly had their day.

(Rafael freitas) #628

Any ETA on Pots for joint accounts?



Your guess is as good as mine :laughing:

Sadly not seen anything yet however keep an eye on the labs thread will hopefully provide an update on it soon

(Jack) #630

They are here!

Please continue the discussion on the thread linked above.

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