Manage your money together with joint accounts!


To continue what I said…

This is exactly what I was after (and others it seems), from Monzo.

Thanks @cookywook

(Stu Greenham) #23

Why would they rollout joint accounts to everyone - thats a huge risk. Labs is available to all correct, but I suspect a huge majority won’t know it exists. I know my wife didn’t on her account.

In the same way users sign up for beta access, that comes with the acceptance that things might break and stuff might look funky. I don’t think Monzo ever said that Labs is a mechanism for the users to decide what features go into a sub product before it’s released. It’s a way of Monzo reducing the risk of a QA (which they don’t have any apparently) missing something and a huge bug going out to every user. It’s also an opportunity to feed back nice to haves to them and help build out a roadmap of more must haves for the future.

Like they mentioned in the above post, leaving labs isn’t a way of them saying something is finished, more so an acceptance that this is now a minimum usable product - “No nice to have features, just the minimum required”.

(Duncan) #24

Well, to start with the new cards are only just shipping as of today. So without it in labs you’d have had many thousands of people with a confusing card experience, and the extra expense of replacing all their cards. Other changes were made - as noted in the blog post. I was also confused as to why it wasn’t released earlier, but my reaction wasn’t “oh, why didn’t they also build this other ton of stuff on top?”. In software the mantra is “release early, release often”. They’ve provided a minimum viable joint account, and it’s great. Getting it into more people’s hands as soon as possible (and sensible) is just good software engineering practice. I find it funny that you’re expecting the release of a separate product - joint savings accounts (pots) at the same time because… it was in labs? It just doesn’t follow. Also, they were pretty clear from the start that CASS wasn’t going to ship with it. So really I don’t see where you are coming from on this at all. I think that it’s just the case that no matter what great products a company ships someone is always going to find a way to be unhappy about them.


Yeah, Richards response was from another thread just now - Which cleared up some of the confusion.

If you look around the forum, there is a lot of similar posts.

A feature go into “labs”…

A huge amount of feedback is given about what could be changed/added/removed etc.

Said feature comes out of labs with barely any changes.

People then ask themselves “what’s the point?”

The threads are there to see - The recent clarification from Richard is good, and it will help set people’s expectations moving forward.


Yep, I agree with this - Although I’d love to know how many people signed up to a Joint Account (bear in mind it was available to every single Monzo customer).

Having the same functionality as a personal account was my minimum expectation - Perhaps I’m alone, and I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. But that’s more around the “labs” clarity than anything else.

Again, they said CASS wasn’t available for the labs product - Even though people had used it with varying degree of success.

I hadn’t seen anywhere where it said they wouldn’t ship CASS when it finally goes public.

I appreciate you are very happy with Monzo, and that’s great - So am I.

I’m also happy that this topic of conversation has led to a clarification from Richard about the status of Labs (which is really what this is about).

(Duncan) #27

It’s not really constructive though is it? What it boils down to is “I wanted more features”, one of which is actually a totally different product - joint savings accounts (pots). And the way he states it: (roughly) “joint accounts was in labs and when it launched it didn’t magically have an extra three large features tacked on therefore labs expectations need redefining” doesn’t really make any sense. You wouldn’t expect some features to magically appear and be launched on a larger set of people than those who were initially using the joint account. That would just precipitate a slew of avoidable bugs in said features.

There’s no problem with the expectation of labs. You just have to read what it says in the app: “Join Labs to get early access to our newest features.” Simple.


I guess @nickh expected more from the out-of-labs release and voiced his opinions. He seems to have more of an issue with the way Monzo described labs? If you don’t think this is the case, feel free to provide a constructive rebuttal of your own.

My main point is saying everyone should be grateful really doesn’t help anything and is kinda annoying (it annoyed me, even though I disagree with @nickh’s point).

(Duncan) #29

You do have the same functionality as a personal account. And at no point were you promised shared pots in this release!

I was reading through some old messages earlier and I had stated this to a friend. I can’t find the source now, but it was clear I’d read it on one of their many channel. But it was definitely stated. I’d track it down but it seems like rather a waste of time checking every tweet, blog post, email. Why would you expect this to appear in the final version, along with overdrafts and an extra account for joint savings? Surely it’s more logical that these things would also be tested in labs?

I am glad you are happy with your clarification, but to me it feels rather redundant. In your app it states: “Join Labs to get early access to our newest features”. I am not sure what part of that wasn’t clear? Early access is going to make you a de facto beta tester, right?


I have pots, an overdraft and access to CASS on my personal account…

I think you are reading too much into it - I stated my opinion, Monzo have responded with clarification (which I’m sure will benefit more people than me), and we can move on…

(Duncan) #31

It seemed to me that @nickh’s comments were one thing disguised as another. There was the comment about labs (“a group of bug testers effectively”) that didn’t make much sense given that it states quite clearly on the tin that you are a beta tester. And then there was this other part, which seemed like the main gripe, that a bunch of features he wanted weren’t in the main release. All too often you see that sort of thing. A great, well made product is released and people complain that they want more features. And in that I think that we should be grateful that Monzo have so speedily released a full joint account, despite it not being in the plan at the beginning of the year, and not gripe that “I wanted more features”.


I assure you they weren’t - Like I said, I have no use for CASS, overdrafts or shared pots at this point.

I think it’s time this train of conversation finished.

I appreciate you are a Monzo investor, but making assumptions about posts aren’t helpful, and have taken this topic off track a little.

Appreciate your feedback, I hope you can appreciate my stance.


Isn’t suggesting more features/improvements the main point of this forum?

And suggesting features or improvements does not mean someone thinks the product is bad, just that it could be improved.

(Duncan) #34

Sounds like a good plan.

This wasn’t clear in your original post but it seems to be what you are driving at. You think that Monzo aren’t really taking on board feature-level feedback from users. Could be so. If almost nothing is changing then, yes, it’s definitely evidence that not much is being taken on board. Though one also has to be cognisant that - if things are changing - one’s own, specific requests may not be heeded.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #35


I’m with @nickh on this. Yes I’m aware Labs is for early access, testing and feedback. I was assuming with the latter that there would have been some changes made for release. Nothing major obviously but at the minimum the same features that are on current accounts (pots etc) because they’re already live, in full use and are some of the most sought after features that were given as feedback on these forums.

For clarity this is not a moan or me being ungrateful. Just expressing an opinion which I’m happy has now been clarified by Monzo :slight_smile:

(Duncan) #36

Absolutely. But this wasn’t about suggesting features - it was about complaining about their relative release timings.

(Phil) #37

Would love to know when CASS is going to be available because I don’t fancy dealing with a dozen companies to change DDs!


Just to clarify, because I appreciate I don’t think I’ve done this yet…

I expected the feature which entered labs to be a very early version, which would see improvements before it hit public release.

Note - This was MY expectation, which has obviously formed my view in this thread.

In the case of Joint Accounts, that was things like Pots, Overdrafts and CASS - Mainly due to the amount of people who had requested that on the feedback thread.

So again, this was more about myself (and clearly others), misunderstanding what it meant to be in “labs”, and not a slight at the feature in question.

I questioned the point of Joint Accounts being in labs, because it feels like a lot of feedback was given, yet not a lot happened.

So, to reiterate - I use a Joint Account, I like my Joint Account, and I’m very happy more people can sign up to it now.

My “issue” was more about the “labs/expectations” side of things (which has been clarified), and not about the product itself.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #39

Haha I did that this weekend. It wasn’t as bad as it first seemed because a lot can be done online but for those that didn’t have that functionality being in a call centre queues wasn’t the best use of a nice weekend :frowning:

This is one of the things I expected to be added on release. If they want to see an uplift in people signing up for joint accounts I think it is an essential.

(Phil) #40

Yeah, I had expected that it would be in the post-Labs version too. The thing with CASS is that it also has the payment forwarding, the guarantee and it’s also a lot easier to close your old account through CASS than deal with my old bank.

Shared pots I can do without for a few months, but CASS would be great to have ASAP.

(Kelvin Papp) #41

Like @Ordog, I took the manual approach and it was nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be. The vast majority I did online in an hour or so, and the remainder (a handful) via the phone. Only one significant wait, and only one “issue” in terms of Monzo not being identified (Wessex Water, who were able to add the details manually after I assured them the sort code was correct) :slight_smile:

CASS would have made things easier for sure, although a fringe benefit of the manual approach is that my legacy account remains open for cash deposits / cheques ( very occasionally! :grimacing:) :+1: