✅ Pots for joint accounts

Hi guys,

We’ve just opened a joint account with my fiancee and we were hoping to be able to create a pot to stash some money away for holidays, etc.

Not sure I’m being completely dim, but it doesn’t seem possible to do it on the joint account.

If that’s the case, then would definitely be great to have it!



It’s not there yet but it will hopefully be there soon after launch!

Check out the feedback thread well for other insight into what’s planned and what’s being fixed:

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Hopefully some work for joint pots also ties into work for shared pots. I know shared pots would be very useful for a few people I know.

It should also cover off any sinarios where people want to share money like flatmates for general spends but don’t want the commitment of a joint account.


I’ve got everything crossed that it’s all in the same sprint!


Would be great as we currently have a different account in our Halifax account we use to put money aside for booking flights back to Sweden regularly.

I know its early days but it would be good to know if joint pots are in the pipeline or whether shared pots will be used for joint accounts

Any indication of when pots for joint accounts will be launched?

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None at the moment :frowning:

OK - thanks for quick response.

Joint accounts are a great product and have allowed us to switch over to Monzo for all current account activity. Will keep an eye out for any further developments!

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I hadn’t read enough before opening a joint account, so was a bit surprised to find that pots aren’t available.

Would love to know what the challenges are, or what aspects need to be figured out before they can be launched. Obviously shared pots has a whole load of questions surrounding it - but I’d expect pots on a joint account would be simpler to implement, because the two people just have equal access to them in the same way they do all the other features.


I think your probably right and I expect JA pots will be rolled out in a week or two. Monzo are very receptive to feed back and feature request.

Is there any official word on pots for Joint Accounts? I’ve seen lots of speculation, but nothing definitive in terms of development / release plans.

I’d also be really interested in understanding the reasons for them not being available (from a nerdy / geeky point of view :grinning:)


They are in the works but no ETA yet…

I imagine it’s to do with pots only having a single owner and aren’t yet designed to have multiple people accessing them?

You think with how quickly joint account functionality was created joint pots wouldn’t be far behind it but shame there hasn’t been any information provided on this

I think people are forgetting that Joint Accounts is in BETA so it obviously isn’t going to have everything.

Here is a definition of beta:

A beta version of a program, game etc is an unfinished version released to either the public or a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches

If you get frustrated by the lack of features then don’t sign up for beta on things. Wait until its full release. :angel: :


That’s effectively what I was going to say but better. Given that this is pre-release stuff and effectively under test I wouldn’t personally be looking for news on additional features until they’ve formally been released.

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Exactly. Except that with Monzo, it likely won’t be finished then either.

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Nothing in life is ever finished and expecting otherwise is unwise.

In an app based world particularly, it would be naive in the extreme to release something and then never touch it again.


Wise words and on the anniversary of your join date too :face_with_monocle: :raised_hands: :joy:

Maybe “ready for release” would be a better term.

For me, Monzo isn’t a fully functioning current account yet. There are many services that free current accounts with high street banks offer, which Monzo doesn’t. The ones which I would miss are reliable incoming international transfers, 3D security, and universal card acceptance (by which I mean that the card is accepted everywhere that Mastercard is accepted).

Oh, happy anniversary, btw :clap:

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