Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝


You may well find you get your card tomorrow, if not then likely Thursday!


Yep - Not too concerned, as I’ve got my personal cards.

It’s more for people who might be out and about, with only their Joint Account card, hit the “order new card” button, and are then stumped!

With no way to unfreeze the card, it’s not the best UX in the world.

A couple of “info/warning” screens before you can order the card would have been ideal.


I enthusiastically clicked for the new card without thinking and noticed my current card froze.

I contacted customer support and they said that wasn’t meant to happen, and unfroze my current card.

They said when the new card arrives I can just freeze my current card then click “New card arrived”.


Ha - Good to know.

Not sure who to tag on this so…

@simonb @HughWells - You 2 are usually pretty “on it!”

Perhaps worth taking a look at the above?

(Kelvin Papp) #674

I agree, not the end of the world, just something that could have been communicated better :slight_smile:

(Kelvin Papp) #675

Excellent :slight_smile:

I will see if I can do the same :slight_smile:

(Andy Little) #676

I can’t seem to find a Q&A about what the joint account currently offers, so I thought a Q&A thread might be nice. Answers to each question from both and Android and an iOS user would probably be helpful to avoid confusion.

I don’t currently use it, as I don’t want to move a large number of direct debits over manually. So for those who are using it:

Can transaction notifications be individually disabled, so that I could have the notification sound for my sole account by not for the joint?

Do both account holders receive a notification whenever either of them spend?

Does the account support more than two people?

How easy to work with is the UI element for switching between accounts?


Hi @Andy1 I’ve popped your post in to the joint account thread and here’s some answers!

Not at present. You’ll get notifications for all transactions. This has been fed back.



Easier than it first was however there is further work being done to make it even easier.


Tweet from Monzo:

We’re aware that this will block your existing card. We’re working on changing this. Stay tuned.

(Andy Little) #679

Thanks for the answers.

Any particular reason you merged it into this thread? It’s not really feedback. Not having used the joint account I don’t have any feedback to offer.

(Jack) #680

It could still be considered items for the team to consider :slight_smile:

(Andy Little) #681

I can see your point, but having it merged into this massive thread does defeat the point of an easy to scan Q&A.

(Jack) #682

I see what you mean, the Coral crew will take it on-board :slight_smile:

(Richard Collins) #683

Same thing happened to me, current card now frozen. I’ve started a chat with support and waiting for a reply. Good to hear they told you it wasn’t supposed to freeze the current card, hopefully they will say the same to me and unfreeze it.

(Hugh Wells) #684

Yup, there was a small bug that blocked the current card when you replaced it with the new design :see_no_evil:

It has been fixed :white_check_mark:

(Richard Cook) #685

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to say that joint accounts are now out of Labs and available for everyone! Read more here :point_down:

Thanks for all your thoughts and feedback over the last few months. We’ve really got a lot of your suggestions for making joint accounts the best they can be. We’ve shared some thoughts in the above blog post about the lessons and improvements we made based on your feedback, so take a look!

(Micky) #686

The card still appears frozen for me. So the fix doesn’t unfreeze the frozen cards?

(Hugh Wells) #687

If your card has been blocked, you need to contact us to get it unblocked :+1: (The fix just stops the cards being blocked in the first place)

(Richard Cook) #688

Now that joint accounts are out of Labs, please continue to give us your feedback here:

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