Personal account to joint account pots and transaction round ups

So I know it’s super early days yet, and joint accounts are still in Beta. But I just wanted to acknowledge what might be two common requests.

First of all; Pots for joint accounts. I’m pretty sure this is already in the works, but it was something I noticed right away. It would be a great way to for me and my partner to save up for that holiday.

Secondly, when joint account get Pots, I’d love to be able to round up my transactions from my personal Monzo account into a Pot onto the joint account. This would be like a digital version of a penny-pot. Only without the giant jar of real-life coppers we have to count up every Christmas. :smile:

Apart from that, joint accounts are looking preetty good. Thanks for all your hard work :+1:


Hey and welcome! These are already two hotly requested features! There’s a dedicated thread for joint accounts you can catch up on the feedback from others on:


Also loving the joint accounts, and the magic of bill splitting.

Shame you can’t request money from the joint account. If my friend needs to request money from me and my husband - the request goes to either me or him, friend cannot request from our joint account?


I agree. I would love for personal account round ups to go to joint account savings.

Would also love to be able to tell Monzo when both paydays are (I am 4 weekly and my partner is last Friday of month). We both transfer our share of household bills into a pot but often through the month it says we don’t have enough but it’s because I’ve not been paid yet. It would be great if Monzo could work out based on knowing what we’ll put in at set times what we need as opposed to having simply a monthly budget.