Making Monzo: Follow along as we build a bank

We’ve been working on some new ways to help you stay in the loop with what we’re building! :hammer_and_wrench:


This is great. Transparency is key here. And user input into development of products is a great way to run a company and develop systems and processes :+1:


Thank you for this! Really great to see what you are up to :smiley:


I’m really excited about this. I started the Trello roadmap back in May 2016, inspired by the team over at Buffer, and the feedback was incredible. It’s been one of those things that job candidates, customers and employees talk about as a reason they love Monzo.

And now we’re taking the next step — to make this integral to Monzo itself. Trello worked perfectly for our early adopter audience, but as we’re now growing at nearly 100k users/month, it’s a much broader, less tech-savvy demographic that are joining too. The Making Monzo roadmap is going to be perfect for keeping everyone in the loop, especially as we iterate on it over the coming weeks.

Big :clap: to @Naji for leading on this internally!


Love this! I am a bit sad that we’ve lost the very long view though.


Can someone please change the web address on the @MakingMonzo twitter feed to the new Making Monzo page?

I agree with Nick here.

The new setup doesnt have anything more than a short term working on statuses, there is still no way to see whats on the actual backlog or whats in the more longer term goals?

Will this be added?

@ntaylor3 We need to make timeframes a bit clearer in terms of what the roadmap headings mean.

Generally for features under ‘Working on it’ you can expect them to be shipped in the next 6 months.

Anything in ‘Coming Soon’ is further down the to do list and +6 months away.

@nathanthomson8 Only things which we’re definitely committed to delivering will appear on here, which is why longer term ‘nice to haves’ which might drop off the radar, don’t have a home on the roadmap currently. There’s probably a good home for these, but I also think there’s value in having a source of truth for all the features which are 100% on their way!


So are joint pots no longer on your roadmap?

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:grimacing: doesnt sound good

“We’re building it right now, barring any unexpected problems it should be done in a week or so and released in a few weeks.” :soon:


Thats good news for people with Joint Accounts then!

Cheers for that, i dont have one personally but i know its a gripe for many.

Must be a missight on the new Sneak Peaks section then @Naji ?

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What’s happened to “bill pots” with auto payments out of them? You still don’t have any of my Direct Debits because of this.


I was under the impression it was in the works and nearly there but like you surprised to see no mention of it.

I was hoping there would be more of a push on it following on from


@rol They are and will be added shortly!



@Naji Add a link on the old Trello board to the new place?

Ignore me, it’s there:

This is what I meant by the longer term view – I totally get the logic here, but I hope you find a home for the less concrete stuff too.

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Great to see you are pushing forward :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing some of these features ship soon!

IMO, Monzo has restricted its users to participate by moving away from Trello roadmap. They always had control over what they do but at least there was a small vote button on Trello cards.
Making long-term goals and targets not available is a shame. Its weird that these were removed from old board as well. Just the near term are left there.

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