Manually identify recurring payments

Id love to be able to manually identify recurring card payments. I have many things going out of my bank that arent direct debits or standing orders . Even more ideally id like to schedule money into a pot each time im paid and assign all of my direct debits, standing orders and recurring card payments to come out of that pot too.

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You should have the option to set a transaction as a repeating payment and how often it repeats

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This is a cool idea. Hopefully something we’ll be able to offer in the next handful of months :+1:


I didnt realise that switch was there! Thanks!

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Great! I just think it makes sense since most direct debits and standing orders come to the same amount each month it would be great to just be able to segment it off so i cant physically spend money allocated for bills.


100% agree with this - separating disposable cash from money assigned to bills/dd’s is a huge win

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Gotta agree, the only reason I’ve not moved my wages and bills over is because in my Lloyds account I gave a separate bills to spending account. If I could specify what direct debits I wanted to come out of which pot I’d be straight over to Monzo for good. Right now my Monzo account is just a glorified spending account