Monzo Changemap?

After having a Monzo account for a few months now, today for the first time my salary was paid directly into my Monzo account. Finally #fullmonzo.
What better way to celebrate than with a Feedback & Ideas post?

TBH, this is a bit of a meta feedback and ideas post: may I suggest we move ideas out of the forum and into a platform better built for it? e.g. Changemap

Every day I see people discuss ideas and suggestions, and there are two things I’m missing: how much support a feature has from the general community (instead of just noisy threads), and whether the idea was accepted by Monzo and is either planned for the future or even in the works.

Another product that I love, Exist, has this kind of public roadmap where they allow users to vote on features and let them know how development is going. I think this is a natural fit with Monzo’s transparency ideals.

What do you think?

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That’s a really cool roadmap site, thanks for sharing. We used to have a Trello board where we shared our roadmap, but we’ve now built our own!

Check it out!

You can also find it in the app. And everything links back to the #making-monzo category here on the forum.

Here’s a blog post with even more info:


Quick question, which is closer to release, ‘Working on It’, or ‘Coming Soon’? Should we be reading the categories left to right?

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I’d guess ‘working on it’ given that splitting with friends is included in that section and that this is already in Labs.


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Correct! Working on it means that there’s folks at Monzo hard at work making it happen. Coming soon is things that are further off but still in the pipeline.

Thanks both! :smiley: @cookywook, could it be worth while swapping those two around in the tab switcher bar? So it would go ‘Coming Soon’ > ‘Working on it’ > ‘Finished’ ? Visually would flow a bit better.


Thanks Richard! I actually follow Making Monzo closely. The thing I guess I’m missing is the community input on things. Voting on features, for example. That can really help with the noise/signal ratio we have vs when discussing ideas on a forum. :slight_smile:

+1 have asked for this in the past also.

But i think they pushed back and basically said they only like to look on a Quarter to Quarter basis so as not to get hopes up too much by saying they like an idea.