Monzo Community Ideas Board

Monzo’s Transparent Product Roadmap, which contains things Monzo is offically working on, and Extraordinary Ideas Board on Trello are both great. However, many of the ideas posted on this forum are not added to either and it’s unclear if Monzo have forgotten them or even seen them.

It would be great if there was a Monzo Community Ideas Board on Trello run by Coral Crew members. Coral Crew members would add any new ideas posted on the forum to the board as a new card with links to relevant community posts in the “Description” of each card. I think this would help community members feel that their ideas are valued and not forgotten, give us a chance to easily check out all our ideas and let us vote for ideas we like the most.

I’m not sure what the sections on the board would be - maybe one for each new section on the map or perhaps just three: “New Features”, “Improvements to Current Features” and “Done”.

TL;DR - Monzo Community Ideas Board on Trello run by Coral Crew members.


I really like the sound of this. It will give us a great overview of all the cool ideas that have been suggested in the forums and which ones have gone on to become app features! :tada:


Aren’t those roadmaps out of date?

3D secure is now available, and ‘Accounts for under 18s’ is still in long term?

The Extraordinary board contains ‘Goals for Pots’ in ‘fair amount of work’

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This could work, it would be nice to have a central place to see what’s been suggested at first glance, maybe a wiki?


But ultimately wouldn’t they still rely on us to tell them what’s possible, what has been scoped out, what’s not possible at all, what we can prioritize?

I think having a centralised tool for community-driven ideas is great - I’m not convinced that Trello is the best tool or that the community would be able to run it without serious staff input so at that point surely it just becomes the same thing as our existing ideas board?


I agree Simon, Trello no as it’s too much like a roadmap but maybe a wiki listing all the suggested ideas and a link to each thread may be beneficial.

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  • Monzo staff could tell Coral Crew members if an idea isn’t possible and it could be moved to a “not currently possible” column of the board by Monzo staff with a reason why in the description.
  • It doesn’t matter if the idea hasn’t been scoped out or prioritised - the point of the list would be more of a record, making it easier for community members and Monzo staff to easily find ideas suggested by the forum and see stuff people seem interested in (using the Trello voting like on the current boards.
  • Make it clear that it’s community driven and not an indicator or what Monzo are doing or looking at.
  • The issue with having a dedicated wiki post for ideas in the forum is it’s difficult to vote and see a quick overview of what people like.
  • It would be pretty similar to the Extraordinary Ideas Board, but it would be regularly updated (loads of ideas have been suggested that don’t make it onto that board)
  • It would also reduce the amount of work Monzo Community Staff would have to do if they were going to regularly update a board themselves.

Posted my reason for being pro Trello and anti wiki just after you posted:

From the wiki the user could click to go to the dedicated thread and then like the original post / comment that they like it?

All just ideas of course…

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True, but it would still be difficult to quickly see the ideas people like the most - you’d have to click on every link individually!

We will have a chat about what needs this may solve.

I know we are currently working on a new roadmap system and we may be moving off Trello entirely - at the moment we have the Transparent Roadmap, the Ideas Board, and on top of that we have the Big List (Making Monzo) as well so our current approach clearly hasn’t scaled well and is a bit scattershot.

We’d like to come up with something inclusive of all variables that’s also interactive, and this would ideally have a space for community generated ideas that could also be voted upon.

It’s something we’re in the midst of figuring out :slightly_smiling_face:


For me, the key to this sort of thing is in providing the clarity around what is and isn’t being promised through the existence of such a list. There may be a load of customer ideas posted but it should be clear that there is no guarantee that any of them will ever be implemented. Otherwise, the risk is that it becomes yet another hammer to beat someone with. At that point I would question its usefulness.

I’m not saying that customer ideas shouldn’t have a place, but I am saying that people shouldn’t be misled into believing that the customers are going to be driving the development simply by voting for something. I’ve seen this on other forums and it normally goes badly with lots of posts saying “but 20 people voted for feature x, so you have to do it…”. Just because something gets posted, doesn’t mean its going to be delivered.

It’s all about presentation.


Completely agree with this. If Monzo are as clear and transparent as usual, it shouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t see the need but if this happens Notion might be a good place for it

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I too see little need for it - I find that community led ideas (with no inner knowledge of what the company is working on), tends to lead to animosity when some/all of the community suggested features don’t materialise in a time frame that is suitable.

You can put all the caveats you want about it not being a Monzo official board etc - But I can still see it causing more issues than it solves.