✅ Pots for joint accounts

I did see a blog post recently mentioning bringing joint accounts up to speed with single accounts, so maybe it’s all lumped in with that. Will try and find the link.


There was a post about 3 weeks ago where @edwoollard mentioned that his team was working on it… but I can’t find any more up to date info :frowning:

I think with that many people with joint accounts asking for it…it should really be pushed up the ‘to-do list’ :slight_smile:

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This is the blog post I was thinking about, from 16th Oct:


they say hopefully they will get it all done by the end of 2018 but will continue to work on into the new year on anything they don’t finish…
The Monzo teams are usually pretty good on keeping to their deadlines from past ‘big lists’ that they have done before :slight_smile:

Joint pots for me are the main thing me and my girlfriend want so we can start saving properly together for holidays etc.


Yeah, joint pots are a big one for me too. Adds too much friction to transfer to one of our individual accounts (plus then the other can’t access it!)

From @Naji on joint pots:

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That’s fantastic news… l wonder what Monzo view ‘shortly’ as in time scale terms haha

:eyes: :soon:

I’d hope this is pretty imminent, based on the fact that there seems to be a lot of work on pots, generally, at the moment, plus it being mentioned by :monzo: staff a few times in the last month. But that’s just a wild guess!


I read that as joint account pots will be on the road map shortly, not that release is imminent :frowning:

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Where’s the dislike button!

Sorry! And on your cake day, too :slightly_frowning_face:

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Nope it’s soon, as in a few weeks away :slight_smile:


It’s a funny ol’ world. With Monzo being relatively open and forward in promoting up-and-coming features. They’ve made a rod for their own back with the lack of clarity with this one (weeks away vs not on the roadmap)
I suppose the frustration builds with the feature being available in individual account as a dangling carrot.
Guess we should just be content that it will appear at some point at this stage :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂:massage_man:

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Fabulous, well done!! Love your use of :soon:!


Yaaay! I really hope it’s before Christmas - I was hoping to put the money we’ve saved for Christmas spending into a joint pot so we can track how much we’ve spent easily!


This is fantastic news! what’s the next step?

2.24.0? :crossed_fingers::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad you think so too! :blush:

The next step will be testing this internally to check everything works end-to-end as expected. Once we confirm all is okay there, we will look at rolling it out to everyone. :raised_hands:


Is this already in the app under a feature flag or is it needing an app release?