Making Monzo: Follow along as we build a bank

(Richard Cook) #21

Great shout, done!

(Rika Raybould) #22

In my view, having some of the longer term goals there were a bit misleading because there was no team working on many of them and it started setting some expectations that we hadn’t yet committed to meeting. :sweat:

For some context, most projects are decided on a quarter by quarter basis so it makes sense to share that much. Not that there won’t be long term projects but just that the majority of things happen on a much shorter cycle. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Nathan) #23

Good point Rika.

If you dont mind me asking if you had your say how would you then represent these things that Monzo may pursue but just havent got around to yet in the future?

I know personally I’ve noticed a high number of duplicate posts on the forum here with people putting forward ideas on new features that have been proposed before ( Committed Spending Pots, Custom Images for Pots etc)

Where should/would these things fall into with the new setup? :slight_smile: