Making Monzo's looking a bit stale

Did I miss a memo about the Making Monzo website being deprecated? The “Coming Soon” stuff is all finished, and the threads for all the “In The Future” stuff are so old they are all locked :rofl:. I guess that there’s a cost to being totally open in that places like Starling will rip them off / try to gazump them to reduce their novelty.



Theres been a economic recession and monzo plus launch

Hopefully they will update it when the interchange income starts to ramp up again

I thought they had retired the whole Making Monzo thing or maybe that was just the social channels?

Perhaps that was the memo I missed? If they did then probably should shut down those pages then, heh.

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I might be wrong though!

Making Monzo tweeted a few days ago r.e. a ‘Monzo Alumni’ page.

Also one of the devs has tweeted recently a thread about the development of Monzo Plus

I miss Trello. They replaced it with a webpage that no one has bothered to update. Trello seemed so much easier to update and keep everyone in the loop.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Monzo Comms are notoriously inconsistent. If you aren’t in the right ‘bubble’ then you’ll struggle to know what’s going on. There is no roadmap, Comms are pushed out by email sometimes, on Twitter sometimes, via the blog sometimes, and sometimes all three, and then some forum posts here and there.

Just the way it is I guess.


Yep, that roadmap isn’t being maintained right now. I think we’ll likely retire it entirely soon (we took the links out of the app already). One of those things that doesn’t scale super well unless you have someone entirely dedicated to looking after it.

I’ll share more thoughts on all this at some point because I think it’s really interesting! It goes back to the above and how you stay ‘in contact’ with folks in an impactful way at 4m+ users.

But I’m off on holiday today so it’ll have to wait :slight_smile:


Get back on holiday you!!!

I look forward to the forthcoming empty Trello board entitled “Monzo Opaque Roadmap”.

So are the days of Monzo clearly communicating product direction now dead and gone? Is it because Starling / Revolut / legacy banks would get the drop on you too early and it would erode your competitive advantage?


Hi @cookywook , is it possible to update what is Monzo’s roadmap for this year. At the moment it feels very stale besides the plus launch a month ago. Gone the days there were constant communication on upcoming product, WIP of an product, pet projects etc etc.


Just to echo the above i even made a post to say something similar last week which didnt get a reply.

I get that you may not be able to be as engaged as you were as the user base grows but you have to give us something.


At this rate I’d be more interested in the 3rd party perspective like alt-fi seems to be more passionate than the 1st party department, can’t even be bothered to report bugs anymore, can’t tell you how many times the biometrics mess up and would be awesome if the developers engaged more with their clientele, that’s why I heavily respected the Emma community, by all means have a look how engaging they are, I’m no way biased either.

Shame the Emma app went all game-y.

What do you mean out of curiosity ?

Oh? In what way?

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Monzo are inconsistent with their announcements and also regularly launch something, or announce something and then go radio silent.

Merchant enrichment? I’d hazard no updates done in weeks…

Dark mode? No mention

Joint accounts? Neglected

I feel like Monzo is slowly becoming more and more “meh”, rather than “wow”


Have fun? :smiley:. I’d like to ask: is the future plan for Monzo that upcoming products and direction won’t be announced or discussed with the community, as they generally have been up until now? Wondering if you could set expectations.