Making Monzo Better: The Big List

(Simon B) #224

You won’t have to wait long!


Nice , like it :+1:

Any idea when this is rolling out?

(Jack) #226

Looks good!

it would be quite slick if you could scroll into the future on the main feed and see predicted payments, credits/account changes such as your switch date coming up.
The Pulse graph would then show the predicted balance also as you scroll further.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #227

its almost like they have a plan :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #228

I believe that’s exactly what we are doing!

(Jack) #229

Embarrassingly, it appears I liked that post a few months ago! My mind is clearly turning planned Mozo features into my own ideas :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to it!

(Greg Stevenson) #230

Looks awesome :+1:

(Dan) #231

Any update on updating Standing Orders? I need to change the amount on a standing order but really don’t want to delete it and re-add it… :see_no_evil:


I’m waiting for this too!

(Laurence Tempest) #233

Joint accounts are the only thing holding me back from going full monzo. TBH, i’d given up on getting them, so i’m super excited to hear they are only 2 months away.

(Stephen Brinda) #234

Amazing future… High street must be :thinking:

(Simon B) #235

They aren’t two months away, we’ve just started externally testing them now! So you should be able to get one very soon :grinning:

(Matthew Jones) #236

Being forever single I don’t really care about joint accounts, I’m just excited for a pot with interest. Need somewhere to keep the money I don’t spend on dating :sob::sob:

Alas I’m kidding but it’s the only thing stopping me switching over. Nationwide customer service has been pretty good to me so far so no complaints on my end.


It would be good to know where we were with this :slight_smile:

(Andy) #238

Is there a specific thread for tracking progress on interest? This is the one I’m super excited about.

An integration with Plum would be my top choice.

(Drew sanders) #239

Are we talking days or weeks?

(Gary) #240

I wish you could simply set a date for when the month starts instead. I don’t have my wages paid into Monzo, instead I have my spending money for the month transferred to Monzo on pay day and budget from that. Monzo doesn’t list that transaction as one I can centre my month on.

(Jolin) #241

I do the same as you but I was able to select the transfer of my monthly spending money to set the start of the month. I think it only displays credits that are £200 or more, so maybe that’s why?



Glad to see everything in production - thanks!

I wondered about the Summary, since I’ve noticed that Monzo automatically takes into account my Direct Debits - however the way I manage my money is to move my direct debit amounts into a pot called Bills and then move them back at each point in the month when the money is due out. This allows me to accurately see exactly what I have for general spending, after my direct debits are taken into account.

I can’t really do this properly at the minute using the Summary, since as it automatically accounts for my Direct Debits, it’s showing me to have far less for general spending than I actually do.

Is there any way to deselect this automatic feature? Apologies if it’s been discussed elsewhere on the forum - I am new here.


(Joe) #243

Actually the new functionality should mean you don’t have to do the moving into pots stuff at all!

As direct debits are taken out pre-emptively in summary, you can just look at summary to know how much you have left for general spending. SO if you simply don’t move the money into a pot, the amount will be correct for what you want it for.