Making Monzo Better: The Big List


I thought that - which is great. But some of my bills aren’t direct debits, so I guess i’d have to separate out which ones are and which aren’t and then move the amount that isn’t DD into the pot? That’s an idea actually. just a bit more of a faff. I’ll give it a go!


Yes I’ve done that and you’re right - the summary shows exactly what my spreadsheet (nerd) says I should have left for general spending each month.

Thanks for your help!

(Jack) #246

They are still adding things to Summary to improve how it works, you’ll soon be able to manually mark payments as reoccurring and have that change reflected in the dial :slight_smile:

(Aran) #247

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of your “Improving recurring payments” features - most importantly, the ability to edit existing standing orders above all the other elements.

On The Big List, you stated this would be delivered within a month, but it’s been long over a month and no update and the featuers still don’t appear to exist in the apps (BETA included).

Could you please update us on progress?

Also, “Pay with fingerprint on Android” isn’t marked as completed, but didn’t this get released last Thursday? I’ve got it at least so expect this can be ticked off your list.

(Richard Cook) #248

We’ll be a month and a half-ish into the Big List project this week. So expect a midway update from us shortly :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll let you know what’s on and off track.

(Aran) #249

Sounds great, thanks @cookywook. Looking forward to learning more :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Cook) #250

Here’s that update:

(John Biondini) #251

Will there be a “new” list once this is completed? :slight_smile:

(John) #252

I left santander best thing I ever did monzo is the best bank I’ve ever been with I’m well happy here they deserve a lot of credit I’m so glad I’m away from the arrogance of the main street banks who for decades took the little man in the street for granted.

(Jeremy) #253

Would absolutely love a cash deposit mechanism for those of us paid that way.

(Jack) #254

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of this year :eyes:


Update on pot interest?

(Shaun Coley) #256

Great work so far! I still need smarter pots capabilities before I can go full Monzo - but looking forward to the day I can!

(Jay Turner) #257

When are we going to get PDF uploads for Receipts?


When are you going to be able to add merchant logos for standing orders?

(Rob) #259

Time for a new big list?