Magic link not working, can't start account

Hi, I can’t sign in to start my new account with the magic link in my email as I keep getting the error "Sorry, we couldn’t log you in, please use the most recent email that you received to [my address].

FAQs say to try a gmail address (which it is) or from a browser instance, which I’ve tried to no avail, including copying the link and opening in a new tab. I’ve tried 3 new emails so far with the same error every time, and I waited 5 hours after the last try to check if there was another pending- there wasn’t. I’ve even gone back and tried the older mails again.

Phone is running android.

How do I sign up now!?

Just one thing to check first with the way this is worded. Have you had a Monzo account before?

No! Sorry I was trying to be more specific but clearly made it worse!

No worries!

Might be best to uninstall and reinstall the app again so you’re working with a fresh instance and go through the sign in procedure again. Make sure you are opening the magic link from your phones Gmail account.

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Did you manage to log in?

I’m in!

The clean reinstall didn’t do it but it gave me the idea to try a whole new gmail address - didn’t work immediately but did after a second reinstall which seems to have done the trick, I’ll just have to see if I can switch it later.

Thank you!


Awesome! Glad it’s sorted!

You can switch it if you click on the profile icon then scroll down to your email and hit the pencil!

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