Login Link broken

Hi when I click the link I get via E Mail to sign up for Monzo, it always says that I should click the one they sent most recently. But I even tried my second email account and it didn’t work there either…

Hi :wave:

I would delete all emails from monzo and check your spam. Do it again and if it doesn’t work email monzo.

Had to do this a few times myself.


thank you, I mailed them now, nothing worked lmao

Do let us know how you get on with this.

Probably not this, but there was someone not so long ago who was trying to click the magic link from a desktop, which obviously won’t work as it is trying to confirm that the email holder also has the app running.

Could try hitting them up on social media as well as sometimes that’s quicker.


I did try on my phone haha but okay, I’ll spam them on twitter . thank you!!