Magic link bug during sign up


I use gmail, during the sign up verification process the magic link would open the wrong app instead of the gmail email app. Did this both when I initially registered and when I was asked to do initial topup. The magic link open up the app from Which?


I’m slightly confused, Monzo’s magic links should only open the Monzo app. Not Gmail or any other app.

Do you mean that these buttons in the app are opening the wrong app?

That’s right.

click on gmail and for me it opens the wrong app

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What app does it open when you tap Gmail?

Which app? no pun intended I think that is what the OP said

:bulb: I hadn’t seen that. Going to test it now :smile:

Wow, I just did this. Best bug ever! Thanks :smiley:

So looks like this is an issue on Which’s end where their app has registered itself to handle googlegmail:// links for some reason (probably accidentally) :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve message them through their website so we’ll see if that makes any difference, but if anyone has any contacts there that’d also be very helpful.

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Glad I’ve made your day.

My old man is the member, whilst I tease him because he’s into it a bit too much it is kind of handy. however their reviews always miss half the story - seems their app follows suit too

I’ve had a reply from the Which? team so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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