M&S order cancelled was refunded but charged same amount again

Hello people,

I used monzo flex to pay for my wife’s order on Marks & Spencer, however the order was cancelled - M&S refunded the amount and charged my card again for the same amount.
Its been more than 3 weeks explaining marks & spencer about this error without much avail, neither is monzo chat being helpful. Has anyone been in this/similar situation before? I am not getting an option to chargeback the transaction but only chat with monzo(?) After clicking on something wrong? Need help.

Does the second transaction show as ‘pending’?

If that’s the case, it should reverse in 30 days.

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:frowning: nfortunately, no - it’s completed charge and my 1st installment (flex) has been deducted too :(:frowning:

So, are they delivering the goods?

If not, use the money paid to your current account to pay off flex to balance the funds.

If they are, your plan continues as it should.

I think you got it all wrong

  1. Order placed
  2. Order cancelled
  3. Refund received - £600
  4. Refund taken back/charged again for - £600
  5. Order shows cancelled and refunded
  6. But i have still got £600 to pay and no items.

I think you need to chat to Monzo. Tell them that you need to make a Section 75 claim.

If they don’t respond or are unhelpful, then raise a complaint.

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So it seems like they refunded the auth, but then mistakenly still made a presentment.

This does happen and it’s annoying.

First thing to do is exhaust all options with Marks and Spencer - the fastest and easiest way is for them to refund it to you.

If they will not, ask Monzo for a chargeback. To start one they’ll need evidence M&S was unable to resolve the issue.

Please chat to us in the app to dispute this, if the chat isnt working give us a call.


Why wouldn’t chat be working?


Because it’s literally been days I have been trying to chase monzo they are telling me go to help - apply chargeback from there, but the option isn’t there. FUMING!


If it were me, I’d be claiming statutory interest on the amount incorrectly taken, compensation for incorrect advice and remuneration for my (expensive) time they’ve wasted.

Can someone from Monzo please get a grip on this sort of thing, please?


Because the OP said the chat isnt helpful?

But don’t you have £600 in your current account from from Flex dated 16th?

Chat not helping and suggesting the phone, is like saying that the medicine isn’t working so suggest chopping your arm off.


Unfortunately no, Infact monzo themselves have given me this

Statutory interest doesn’t apply and compensation for time spent is generally £10 - £100, the latter being a very extreme case over several months, by industry standard. Just to set expectations.

I agree in general that if chat can’t help, a complaint is the next step.


Refunds go back into Flex as a repayment, not into your current account.

At least that’s what happened with my refund (funny enough from M&S too).

From what I can understand the OP has been charged £600 on Flex, had the refund returned to Flex, then been charged again £600 on Flex but shouldn’t have been. He is now paying off said £600 when M&S have cancelled the order, which he would normally have queried via the transaction itself but the only option is to use the chat function in Monzo, but they do not appear to be helpful.

My first thought is this is more of an M&S issue - they appear to have charged you when you shouldn’t have been. What are they saying has happened?

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Thanks but complain where and how?

I took it as M&S were paid online, they present it back to a cost centre which results in split second refund and charge again to the local cost centre.

This is if customer is going to receive the goods.

If not due to receive goods and customer knows this. It could be same scenario as above but the refund still weirdly happened to current account (as shown in the image)

Said funds in current account need to be used to clear flex if goods are not coming to remove any balance owed.

Flex is/can be complex to understand. It’s easier looking at the internal system imo. While not much clearer, you can work it out.

If a refund hadn’t been credit to the current account it’d be even more confusing, as customer would be paying for something didn’t receive. But instead been given funds to current account which weren’t entitled to.

Go to the help section, search for “Contact” and select “Contact us”

And then start with “I would like to make a complaint…”

But unless I’ve misunderstood, this is a M&S issue. They need to fix what and why they are charging you. Monzo never charge you, it’s done by someone else. They might not have been clear/helpful, but this isn’t their mess.