M&S order cancelled was refunded but charged same amount again

Or search for making a complaint:

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Apols I actually didn’t see the tiny text on returning £600 to the current account.

So what I can understand happened:

  • OP made a payment via current account for £600. He then Flexed it.

  • £600 is returned to the current account, £600 is removed from Flex limit.

  • M&S refund the amount, Flex is paid off.

  • M&S request the amount again, comes from the Flex again, but no order is coming.

If his current account was £600 balance, it would go initially to £0, then back to £600 as the transaction is transferred to his credit balance on Flex. When M&S refunded it, his current account balance remains £600 but his Flex limit increased by £600. M&S then requested it, so his current account balance is still £600 but his Flex balance is -£600 so he is still paying off £600 with no products.

His current account balance should not be used to pay off the Flex because then his current account balance will be £0 and no products coming.

Curious as where your cursor is, did you type “Making complaint” and the suggestion wasn’t there? Then you added the “a” and it appears?

Well spotted! I originally searched for “make a complaint”. Then I tried changing the search term to match the article thinking that would make it the top result for an easier screenshot. It didn’t quite, so I just went with (and didn’t think to move the cursor back to the end of the line).

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The charge is an M&S issue. But the solution at this point is to raise a chargeback, according to the Monzo staff here, and it’s this which Monzo have been unable to do.

That said, M&S could also just refund it. But it sounds like maybe the OP has exhausted that and not gotten anywhere.

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I’d have started at making flex payment with virtual card not current account. It says in the image virtual card used.

  1. Current account £0.00 when making flex payment to m&s
  2. Weird stuff happens with flex and presentments
  3. Customer now £600 in credit in current account due to flex behaviour
  4. Customer needs to pay flex back with the £600 credited in error to remove any flex balance, regardless of what m&s have done

Customer isn’t being overcharged.

Customer has credit in current account due to Flex behaviour.

If customer wants to keep the £600 returned from flex they can do, just means they pay back the “loan” on the terms they agreed IE 3 months interest free loan.

I can’t explain what’s happened between the presentments. I took a guess at cost centre stuff, but otherwise the rest remains the same and needs to just pay back the balance from current account.

Used to see it all the time, explaining it was always difficult, and the flex behaviour doesn’t help.

M&S don’t owe anyone anything. Section 75 isn’t relevant. Flex hasn’t created a balance from thin air because the customer has that £600 not M&S.

@Maneesh this here shows you had £600.50 paid into your current account :eyes:


Wouldn’t the virtual card have to take the payment from somewhere initially? TBH I didn’t even know you could use a virtual card (or is that what it looks like when you use Apple Pay?). I only have the option of Flex card or Current Account.

I think now I understand what you mean, but I’m unsure why the refund would return to the current account. When the funds were returned to the current account, that would still have left Flex £600 in debt. Even if they had then used the funds from the current account to pay off Flex, M&S have gone and requested £600 again (from the screenshot) so he would still have £600 Flex to repay with no items.

I don’t understand background stuff, but it should make sense to an ordinary person really.

Either/or. Says at the bottom M&S internet order, hence my guess at the cost centre shizzle.

I dno.

Just seems fairly straight to me :sweat_smile: then again working these queries probably helps.

There’s no winning in showing presentments or not showing them, likely always be confusing and monzo is the only place I’ve ever experienced it.

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Man I am glad it’s simple to you because my mind isn’t grasping it if it’s how you’re describing it :joy:


Probably my wording. It was never easy without multiple to and fro between customers.


If we take this at face value, then £600 that could be accruing interest isn’t. And that’s because Monzo can’t seem to process a S75 request.

It won’t be more than pennies, but the principle is important, I think.

I’m not sure I get you.

The OP still has a charge of £600 from M&S on their account, that’s the problem.

The £600 returned by flex would surely have been to cover the initial charge. Now there is a second charge of £600 - that’s what needs to be sorted out.

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Statutory interest is for late payments after an agreed date, it’s just not a law that applies to this scenario


But it’s a helpful guideline amount for what a reasonable claim would be.

Is it? As you said, it would be pennies.

I’d think £20 or so would be the best you might get here in ‘compensation’ to be honest, if say it went to the ombudsman. The main goal of raising a complaint would be to actually get the attention of someone who could solve the issue.

Because flex weirdly paid the customer £600.50 due to whatever happened with the presentments.

It explicitly says £600.50 in the image paid to current account. Flex triggered this somehow.

M&S isn’t part of the equation no more. They don’t have any money from Monzo or Flex as it was returned to customer.

So ignore all the M&S stuff.

Flex paid customer. Customer needs to pay flex back.

Customer also needs to look at 16th march for Flex (not M&S) as it has come from Flex.

It’ll look similar to this.

As no goods are expected and the order was cancelled, M&S no longer involved (other than query why it was cancelled if need be).

The customer wouldn’t have naturally been paid anything if it was a general flex transaction as none of their own money has been spent. Only credit.

If the customer had used debit card and then flexed the transaction, then it would be complicated as two refunds wouldve made, but they haven’t been.

Hopefully the chat team get back and resolve it soon.

But face value. Customer just needs to pay back what Flex paid their current account in the error.

Nobody is out of pocket essentially.

The above wholly based on no order being delivered.


I’m with @Carlo1460 on this - seems the refund (can and does!) went back to the current account - and not the flex transaction. So @Maneesh should be +600 in their current account & be able to use that to pay off flex and up at zero.

  • M&S debited £600.50
  • Customer flexed it
  • M&S refunded £600.50
  • Flex returned £600.50 to the customers balance
  • M&S debited £600.50 again.

Is that not the timeline? Which leaves the customer £600.50 out of pocket?

Surely the OP knows if they have £600.50 in their account or not!


I’m lost, but surely surely surely you can’t get £600 paid back into your account and then go to all this effort to complain about how FUMING you are when there’s nothing wrong?

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Agreed but then clearly after this refund there as another request for £600. The OP hasn’t spend that. Even if they used the refund (which came before the second request in the screenshot) to settle the initial balance, there have been two requests from M&S for £600 and only one refund.

Btw I am curious now what a Flex virtual card is. I couldn’t set a virtual card to pay from Flex up, anything paid for out of the current account and then Flexed is “Current account” and anything on physical Flex card or via Apple Pay is “Flex card”.

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