amazon dispute refund cancelled

I opened a dispute for an item not received by Amazon and then today was refunded £109. About 4-5 hours later the refund is cancelled and my account is now -£109 with the rest of my money in my pots as I thought the dispute was refunded and spent the money.

Can anyone let me know why this has happened and whether or not I get properly refunded?

You need to contact Monzo through the in-app chat to ask them about this.

No-one on the community will be able to help you as we’re all customers.


You opened a dispute with Monzo or Amazon?

Whichever it was is the one you need to speak to.

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Sounds like it will have been a chargeback with Monzo. Amazon must have then disputed it, resulting in the charge being applied again.

Amazon, in my experience, are reluctant to refund in this situation and will make you wait longer to see if the item turns up late.

I find the opposite, Amazon normally refund in a heartbeat. But I’ve never had to challenge them beyond “This hasn’t arrived”


Ah, interesting. Might be affected by how well they can track/investigate the courier used for the delivery? As that’s what my experience has been with. Maybe for untrackable Royal Mail it’s different?

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Hey There,

If I remember correctly there have been other reports of this so please get in contact with us and we can give more info on whats happened :slight_smile: