Flex declining refunds?


So, earlier this month I had a refund due to me for something that I’d previously purchased directly with Flex (using the Flex card number, not paying for it from my main account and then flexing the payment).

When the company sent the refund though, I had a ‘Declined’ message from Monzo though. I’ve waited a few weeks to chase it up but it’s still not appeared. I’ve checked with the company that made the refund and they’re saying they’ve paid it and not had it returned from Monzo.

I suspect that I might need to raise this with Monzo, although stupidly I cleared the ‘declined’ message from the app when it happened without thinking so I don’t have any reference anymore for it.

Anyone got any advice? Experienced something similar and so can say ‘yes - it took x weeks to appear’?

What does your Flex balance say? Do you still owe what you bought?

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Yep - checked that and it’s still showing the flex plan for the payment outstanding and the balance hasn’t updated.

Did refund go to your main account? This used to happen sometimes even if using Flex direct.

Duh! Ignore me. I’m stupid.

Just searched again, and yes - a week later in the middle of the night it popped back in (admittedly the same day as all my bills got paid so it was buried in the middle of all those which is my excuse for being blind…)

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Well at least that’s sorted :sweat_smile:

I had the same happen to me. The shop processed the refund and I immediately got a “declined” message against the transaction in Flex. I contacted the shop and they said Shopify showed it as in progress from their side. A few days later the payment cleared and appeared in my bank.

It does look like there’s something not right on the Monzo side with Flex in how its handling/displaying refunds. That said I’ve had lots of others successfully work, so it seems like an edge case.

It’s just a quirk with design, and been ongoing since launch.