Duplicated transaction

I ordered a takeaway Thursday evening and the money was taken twice. I assumed one of the pending transactions would refund but after checking today, both transactions are still showing but neither show as pending anymore.
I also just received one order of the takeaway so I’m not trying to pull a fast one.

The company said one would show as a refund when i contacted them. Will this happen or should I raise a dispute. Or should I wait longer.

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It will probably be refunded, how long ago was this?

I would probably wait until after 7 days personally but it depends how urgently you need the money.

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Hey There,

Depending on how and when it was processed can determine when you receive the refund. Refunds usually take 3-5 working days but can take longer.

If you haven’t received the refund by Friday Id reach out to our team who can advise you further on how we can help. :blush:

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Both charges are still showing without a refund for one of them

Please reach out to us via the app.


Would it matter which of the two transactions I dispute?

I’d report the second as fraud

One will likely say pending at the bottom of the transaction screen. So that one, and monzo can tell you when it’ll be refunded if it is pending.

Neither show as pending
Both show as successful transactions

You’ll just need the raise a dispute. (It’s not fraud if you willingly provided your details).

Ive raised a dispute and have been provisionally refunded.

Hopefully the merchant agrees and does not try to disagree. Says by Mid August but hopefully it’ll be sorted sooner

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The Merchant has refunded me and Ive messaged Monzo saying I’ve been refunded and they can take back the money they lent me, and got a response saying thank you for letting them know, and they’ll let me know when they will take back the money.

I’ve also tried to cancel the dispute but it won’t let me. Hopefully I’ve done all I can now as I don’t want to end up in trouble or get a fraud marker/account closure over £20 when I done all I can.

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Hey @pcman1985

That’s great to hear, also thanks for letting us know I’d recommend putting the £20 from us or the merchant into a pot for when we come back to collect it!

Thank you. Any idea on how long for Monzo to collect it.

That would be a question for our team via the app as I cannot see your account. :heart:

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