Amazon order refund

If you cancelled an Amazon order, there used to be an option to question payment and receive the refund for a pending payment. Amazon take quite a while to refund back even though it’s only pending.

Has this option been removed?

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Not been removed as a concept, just seems that for some transactions (whether by amount or otherwise) it is not self service

I did one this week for an order cancellation elsewhere - came through yesterday - but had to ask COps and they passed it to the Disputes team

(That might also be because the company in question said that the pending payment should reverse in 10 days and it did not)

It was for £145, if that helps set the scene

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Yes I’ve had the same problem. That option doesn’t seem to be there for Amazon any more. You need to contact Monzo support with proof of the cancellation and they’ll reverse it for you.

Well I’ve contacted Monzo a few times but they aren’t replying. :frowning: it’s £120 and I want it back.

This is interesting. I cancelled an order with Selfridges a week ago and they say the funds are back in 2-3 days. I thought with it being Monzo they’d show up instantly as refunds often do, however after 5 days nothing showed so I sent Monzo screenshots of the refund confirmation email and instead of it just being done as it normally is, they referred it to a specialist. It’s been five days since then and I’ve had no further reply, the payment is still showing as pending, and I still have no refund.

Mine was for £140 so similar to yours.

Bit frustrating it hasn’t automatically reversed after a week, nor were teh COp able to deal with it like they used to, even including proof of the order cancellation.

Amazon took 30 days for me once.
Another site which I’m embarrassed to say the name too also took 30 days

However in the past amazon has been instant

A lovehoney refund for me took 6 months once

Thanks for the replies. The problem is it is the bank that makes it a pending transaction, not the vendor. So it is a hold up with Monzo releasing it back. Amazon can’t do anything their side. I wouldn’t mind but I cancelled the order minutes after I made it way beforedispatch so it should not have been made pending. It doesn’t always do a pending transaction straight away at Amazon so I don’t know what the criteria is that makes them hold a payment or not.

That’s just not true!

I had a similar issue with Amazon recently. I thought I posted about it here, but it must be in another thread somewhere.

Monzo were no help. All amazon needed was the transaction ID, which Monzo don’t display, and I could not query the transaction with them either.

The good news is it resolved itself for me after a few weeks, so hopefully that will happen for you too.

Hard to say if this is Amazon or Monzo who are at fault though. Sometimes merchants just forget to claim the money and it gets stuck in Limbo. Other times they do claim it and it’s just slow to update on your bank’s end.

I read online that it is the bank. How can Monzo reverse it like they used to otherwise?

They only release the hold locally, essentially freeing up the money of yours that they put aside

That money never went anywhere so it does not need to be moved or reclaimed

They do also always warn you that the merchant could come back for it later

Merchants say all sort of things, mainly it seems as it is easier to blame the banks than fix or upgrade their own systems

The instant nature of Monzo (and others) only makes their misdeeds more obvious

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Ive contacted amazon and I need to wait 7-10 days. Still not reply from Monzo to see if they can do the release for me like they used to.

It’s amazons fault.

Imagine if they do this on purpose to say 500 thousand random people a day who cancels a order and each order is 100 pounds. That’s 50 million. Imagine the interest gained on that! It’s amazon who is keeping your money

If they are all pending transactions, the interest is zero, because no money has moved.


:sweat_smile: that’s why I said imagine - meaning same as a refund like buying an item in store and returning it 20 days later as it would of cleared then and then them telling you the refund takes up to 14 days

Any merchant can reverse the holding payment by sending an 0400 message through the MasterCard network - they just generally don’t.

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My understanding of the IDs that Amazon ask us to provide sometimes only relate to Marketplace purchases.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the frontline, but the last time somebody got in touch with me to ask for the ID I scoured all the raw data from MasterCard and there was no sign of an ID, so it just didn’t exist on our side.


Thanks for coming to explain that!

Whenever I have a payment issue with Amazon (usually a pending payment being returned to my account because they’re late to claim it) they blame my bank and tell me they can’t help without the ID because everything looks good on their end.

Looking like it’s most certainly Amazons fault then.