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Does anyone know what lounges are included on the Monzo Plus Premium bonus from Lounge Key?


Some of the airports where you can access a LoungeKey Lounge

  • United Kingdom: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Liverpool and Manchester airports. Note that at the time of writing, LoungeKey won’t get you into any lounges at Cardiff airport.
  • Europe mainland: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, Munich, Nice, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Venice airports.
  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah airports.
  • United States: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC airports.
  • Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver airports.
  • Australia and New Zealand: Auckland, Brisbane, Cairns, Christchurch, Darwin, Queenstown and Sydney airports.
  • Asia: Bali (Denpasar), Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore international airports.
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Thanks @mozzauk

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So there is no confusion for others, NO lounges are included. You have to pay to enter and will usually get a better deal booking in advance on the airport website.


Sorry thought I had worded it clearly to show I was asking which lounges they work with!

I know :+1: it was for the benefit of others who just see certain words and draw the wrong conclusion :grinning:


Have seen this being said on other threads, and have access to lounge club with my Amex (which gets me in for £20/22) and so was curious to see if this was not saving me anything.

Just checked Heathrow for Plaza Premium and Aspire and they’re showing as £35/40. So just wondered what kind of prices you’d seen and where for under £20ish?

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As someone who has never used a paid for lounge, are they worth doing?


Another question is do you think lounges are really worth the money? Personally, I have never used one so wonder what others thoughts on them are?

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Yes. If you value space, food, drinks, caaaaaaaaaalm.


Okay deal. Sold!

Can I still watch planes though? :nerd_face:

I love the lounges, peace and quiet away from the crowds… definitely worth the money


They can be. Booked in advance they are often £20-30 in the UK (as above, heathrow is more expensive). If you are going on a holiday, it can’t hurt to start it off with a free bar and some food for a few hours. You can easily drop more than that in one of the airport pubs anyway.

Some are less worth it though, sometimes the best you can get is a light snack, in that case I’d probably favour table-camping at the airport wetherspoons.


@Revels @jackbailley I don’t use them tons. But have done a fair bit the last few years.

I only go in the lounge if it has complimentary food and alcohol, and like I say, I pay £20/22 (I forget which). With Lounge Pass via Amex I have only been in one airport without such a lounge (it was on a stopover in Oman I think, when I went to India).

I feel like even ‘cheap’ airport food is £7-9+ for a meal. If I want a drink as well, I can hit £20 in a second.

So I go to the lounge, have a nice snack on the buffet, and drink as much wine as possible to get nice and tipsy for an in-flight film+sleep.

Def worth it if you’ve got an hour+ waiting I reckon :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’ve used my several times at Aspire and Escape at Manchester airport and it was cheaper to use my Premium card on each of those occasions :blush:


We did it once a few years ago because there was a great offer - we do it every time now.

You get somewhere comfy and quiet to sit, the food and drinks are included and often you can sit and watch the planes.

We worked out how much we used to spend buying breakfast, coffee, drinks etc and worked out we were saving money by using the lounge. My other half is tee-total so we don’t usually consume alcohol in the lounges - but if you like a pint or two before a flight then it’s even better :beer:

Are you comparing to on the day prices or booking in advance? A quick search of that lounge for random dates in the future and the average price seems to be about £27. So I guess £24 is cheaper but only by a hair.

And probably one of those things that once you’ve experienced it you don’t want to back! Like posh cinema seats :rofl:


Lounge Key have a decent app you can download which shows their lounges by airport / terminal.

I have used them several times with my Curve metal card, with kids under the fee paying age it works out quite well for us. If you are drinking alcohol it’s really worth it.

We have struggled with admission on a couple of occasions, for this reason you might ironically be better pre booking as you would not be refused in that situation and price wise it can work out similar. Lounges will keep back space for pre bookers as well as to honour contracts with various airlines for premium passengers so when space is lacking it’s the “cards” such as LoungeKey that get hit first.

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The prices are cheaper at the moment due to Coronavirus - but that’s compared to the advance prices. Usually it’s around £30 for Escape, and more depending on which terminal you’re flying from.

We generally use the lounge at Manchester and at the return airport - so we both save ~£6 at MAN, usually around the same on the way back and at ~4 times a year it all adds up!

We get also get discounted lounge access through my partner’s employer, but it’s still cheaper to use the loungekey access!

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