British Airways Lounge - Amsterdam - Monzo Premium Query

Monzo Premium subscriber and first time poster here!

I’m flying out to AMS with my partner next month. We both have Monzo Premium and intend on using our cards for LoungeKey access. Usually I’d have upgraded our seats to Club Europe and got lounge access but meh.

I’ve noticed that the BA Lounge in the non schengen terminal appears on the LoungeKey website as an option.

I just wanted to clarify if this is an actual option/ anybody had any joy getting in with LoungeKey.

Never seen an airline lounge offer paid access - particularly one that serves other airlines within an enitre alliance. There is at least 7 other Oneworld airlines that fly out of Schiphol along with British Airways, so it seems a little far fetched to me/ I don’t want to get my hopes up.



Hi @RoyalLoubiere & welcome to the forum :wave:

I’ve used my :monzo: Premium account to use various airport lounges which accepted LoungeKey accounts. The first time I used it, I had to show my Premium card, which they swiped. From that point on, I only use the LoungeKey in-app QR code to enter. I’ve had a few ‘issues’ since changing to a Sunshine Yellow card in 2022, but that’s on the LoungeKey side - not Monzo.



I may have bad news for you:

Seems like the future of this particular lounge is unclear but they were sending people to the Aspire lounge as of March. Unless I’ve got the wrong one it might be that the Mastercard site is outdated.


The LoungeKey site shows the BA Lounge as operational (?) and the Aspire Lounge as closed until July:

“NOTE: THIS LOUNGE IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT WORKS UNTIL 01JUL23. PASSENGERS CAN ACCESS THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS:- Cafe Frames Lounge 2 located on the 1st Floor between Starbucks and the meditation centre. Cafe Flor. Lounge 2 located behind Gate D7. Hours for above locations: 06:00 - 22:00 daily.”


I have absolutely no experience of lounges at this airport, but it strikes me as not impossible that they are currently embarking on a programme of upgrades to lounges - so it could be the case that the BA lounge was closed for upgrades, with passengers redirected to Aspire, and once that was complete the favour may have been returned with the same thing happening in reverse?

Which would mean that BA is now open, Aspire is closed (passengers redirected to BA) and the Google Maps listing is possibly out of date from the earlier refurbishment period.

I’d trust the Loungekey website over a crowdsourced Google Maps listing, anyway.


There is no BA lounge at Schipol anymore. BA are slowly closing a lot of outpost lounges and access is for third party lounges (such as NCL) so Aspire is the one that BA passengers use in Amsterdam.

Currently Aspire is closed so BA/OneWorld are being sent to Cafe Flor.

On a different note while not impossible it’s highly unlikely and unusual for BA lounges to be open to anyone not flying with status or with BA business. Amsterdam was an unusual one in that from 2019 it was BA but actually serviced by Prima Vista, not BA themselves, so access via Priority Pass was allowed.


haha it’s fine, in the end the queue at bag drop killed enough time :confused:

Went to the gate and got on the flt.

Thank you for your help guys!

In the end we didn’t end up in a lounge on the way back.

Went into Club Aspire when leaving Gatwick - thoroughly disappointing.

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