LoungeKey Registration


When trying to register for LoungeKey (via app or site), only African countries, Japan and Taiwan appear in the drop-down for residence selection. The registration page is Monzo branded, so it’s definitely the right place. Does anyone have a way of specifying EMEA rather than APAC?



Until someone with more knowledge arrives have you tried the desktop site?

But you’re probably best off contacting loungekey to see what they say.

Same on a desktop too I’m afraid. Will give it another 24hrs to see if anyone on the forum has an idea then contact LoungeKey.

It’s so long since I set up my Loungekey account with Monzo Premium (Oct’ 2020) that I couldn’t advise. I did use it with the family shortly after setting it up on a trip to Greece in late-Oct-2020 and I had no trouble setting the account up - and using it for the 4 of us - back then.

Since then, as far as air travel/lounges - nothing. No activity.

Just done a trip to LA and back in the last 7 days, but because of airport queues and delays, I had no time to visit lounges. Sad, but the old days of ‘2 hours in the lounge’ are long gone at this stage. Turn up at an airport 6 hours before your boarding time and you may be able to squeeze a lounge visit in.

And feels for the holiday-seeking folk - the Easyjet/Jet2 security lines at Manchester airport were INSANE last week, I hope they all got to the intended destinations for a break :flight_departure: :flight_arrival: :beach_umbrella::cocktail::sunny:

It did not look good at all for anyone tbh


I registered on their website Create account | LoungeKey
Downloaded app and everything is alright for me

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