LoungeKey price increase

Interesting…Lounge Key price increase from £20 to £24 per visit for Premium.


Interestingly they reduced it from £24 to £20 in November last year

Indeed, make up your mind Monzo!

I’d be happy if it meant we had access to Priority Pass. LoungeKey is basic.

I have to admit airport lounges are becoming more like the main terminal nowadays. Depending on the airport, you’re better off just hanging around the terminal.

Yet again, less reason to keep premium!

All these people with packaged bank accounts, lowering the tone.

Priority Pass have also increased prices in the past few weeks. I think paid lounge visits are £24 now with them too. Didn’t take much notice of the message as it only applies to me if I take a guest but lounge prices seem to be increasing whoever you use.

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Yeah for sure, and I did notice the increase with Priority Pass too. I’ve found that Priority Pass does offer better access than others.

The take away is, it’s no longer worth it, and it was questionable at £20.

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Yes, that’s obviously a big consideration when choosing who to go with. Amex Platinum offers PP for primary and supplementary cardholder but of course as part of a hefty annual fee.


Yup, and I have the platinum. I think it’s really only worthwhile if you travel regular.

Generally, airline based lounges are the pinnacle nowadays. My current favourite is the Qatar Airways lounge in Doha, it’s tremendous!


Unfortunately I find Monzo Premium disappointing, especially when it comes to travel insurance. So if you read the T&Cs carefully you realise that some of its cover is sub optimal to e.g. Nationwide, e.g. no proper Covid / pandemic cover, baggage cover is limited, etc.

On LoungeKey, HSBC have also increased it to £24, but it remains free for those who have the world elite credit card.

You’re going to get pro and cons with any insurance product, whoever you end up choosing to purchase cover with. It’s simply the world we live in. I guess shopping around is the key.

In terms of lounges it does beg the question, if Monzo premium is a ‘world elite’, why is the cardholder paying for entry. I understand the fee for guests.

Really struggling to see the benefit of premium, loungekey price increasing, interest on pots removed, 5 “offers” that have never changed, seeing my credit score in the app which is free for most other banks, and virtual cards are free on starling. I think it’s time to cancel.


yeah the ‘offers’ are simple laughable, unchanged for about 2 years. I wonder if anyone has actually used one? :joy:

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I randomly noticed the price increase today when I was playing around with the Monzo app as I have an upcoming trip soon. Has there been any communication from Monzo about this, because if so I haven’t had it.

There’s an in-app notification:


Which when tapped on shows:

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Thanks, this has just appeared on my app now too.

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Lounges are so overcrowded now they have lost their exclusivity.


I’m not a premium customer but would have expected an option to cancel if not happy with the price increase…

Yes, I was going to mention this, but I suspect fee changes are worked into the terms of service (although, I haven’t read them in detail)

That’s always available: