Lost/ Stolen Card and Phone


Hi Guys,

My first post here, but literally couldn’t find anything on here or on the website when i needed it (apart from a post from Oct 2016), so thought i would log a feature request/ feature idea.

If you have your phone stolen/ lost as well as your bank card you have to rely on calling that number (which isnt available over the weekend when i tried) which means that if someone stole your card and had access to your phone they could be topping it up and using it with ease.

is there any way to create a webpage which you can put in additional details to log into an online portal to freeze/ cancel the card and get a new one dispatched?

I’ve seen on the forum lots of people reporting similar issues and generally not knowing this process if they lose or have card and phone stolen.

Obviously there has to be a way to do this especially if it is lost abroad and the 0800 number isnt an option.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This definitely is pretty important.

Monzo planning to build a webpage where you’ll be able to freeze your card etc. -

They’re in the process of hiring the developer to build this functionality & I’d hope that this will be one of the first items on their to do list.

(Tommy Long) #3

Considering that the web site will just be a front-end, plugging into existing API methods, it would be really good if they’d consider open sourcing the project and allowing others to contribute.