Monzo and then there is Monzo Web

Hi there! I have a few feedback ideas for your online banking version of Monzo, Monzo Web.

Now I do understand that Monzo Web is a stripped-back online version of your account, so there are limited features to what one can do, but I still feel a lot could be done to improve the online service for when we don’t have our phones on us.

The ability to order a new card whilst your at it…
Now I know you can freeze your card if it ever gets missing but why can’t you order a replacement card to your home address too? Say if you have lost your phone many times (like me), it is not always easy getting another phone right away… And if the only way of receiving a new card is via the app, then it could be quite a while before I see my bright, orange card again :frowning: . By introducing an option to order a replacement card (and possibly activate it online too, if users still don’t have an accessible phone by the time their card arrives) on Monzo Web means that users can still receive a card and bank normally until they can get a phone.

Obviously, the term ‘security’ does come into mind about the feature I have recommended above, but there are many simple steps to ensure that user accounts stay protected, such as asking users to verify their PIN, like for many in-app functions.

Transfering money to and from our pots too
You probably don’t any have ideas to introduce normal payments and transfers schemes on Monzo Web to payees or anyone else - which is fine. However, the ability for us to transfer/withdraw money to and from our pots, on Monzo Web, would be beneficial. Once I needed to transfer some money from one of my savings pots to my current account (after I lost my phone, in order to pay for travel home) but without this feature, it wasn’t possible and I was stuck. Being a digital bank is hard but having these extra back up steps for when our phones ain’t with us, is useful and can save us users in the long run.

These are the only 2 improvements I have for Monzo Web. Apart from that, I think it is a decent service to use when we don’t have access to the Monzo app.

These two and the ability to Monzo Chat are key features of Monzo Web imo.

You can vote for the ability to message Monzo Chat here: