What to do if your card's been lost or stolen

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

As I mentioned last week, we’ll be moving the existing financial education content we’ve been publishing under “Monzo University” over to the blog, and building new stuff out from there, so everything’s in one place. We’ve christened this new category “How money works”!

You’ll see any new posts published here, including this update of some simple advice on what to do if your card’s been lost or stolen.

These posts are designed to be useful everyone – people who use Monzo, and people who don’t use Monzo yet :wink:

(Kai) #2

Oh finally, this thread is live! This thread was inaccessible yesterday. :sweat_smile:


The first 50 quid that the customer is liable for , do banks enforce it, or do they give all the money generally?

Thank God I’ve never had to deal with something like that yet.

(Ricky Nos) #4

Quick question.
So I loose my card either at home or more importantly when on holiday.
I freeze it in app asap and order a new card.
My question then is can I still use contactless payment on my phone using my Monzo account?
If not this potentially leaves me penniless.

(Andy) #5

As soon as you freeze your card the phone version will stop working as well. If you defrost it will start working again (you can see this happen now by toggling the freeze option and you should get a notification to tell you your card can’t be used)

(Ricky Nos) #6

Freeze and defrost function is great but you would not want to defrost a frozen cars if it was M.I.A
I guess my point is if I loose my card I loose my ability to pay for anything i.e. holiday disaster! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could still pay via my phone!?


I believe comments have been made along the lines of this is something they’re looking at for the future.

They can post your card out to you on holiday

(Andy) #8

As the PAN number is blocked when you report a card lost/stolen that prevents digital wallets from working. The card number is usually automatically updated when the new PAN is generated and is usually available before you get the card however there will be a period of time where digital cards can’t be used