Complaint stolen card

Hi I have had my card stolen and someone has tried to use it. I can see the location where they failed to use my card on the app. However, I can not get through to ANYONE at Monzo and am horrified at the level of costumer service. I will be closing my account once the police have concluded their report. This is an emergency and I am disgusted.

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Have you tried calling, or just chat support?

Hi @Megan2

You can freeze your card in the app so no one can use it. And you can order a new card through the app, too.

If you want to speak to someone immediately, call the number on the back of your card.


Freeze the card immediately, then click Account, and then “My card has been lost or stolen” where a new card will be sent to you.

If they have had any successful transactions, click on it then scroll to the bottom where it says something wrong? And report it there.


If you haven’t lost any money, you can freeze and replace your card all in the app, no need to contact support


I don’t quite understand your " I am disgusted " comment really

you had your card stolen , not just lost , presumably the notification in app alerted you to the theft - that worked then ?

Somebody tried to use it , you were notified that a transaction had been presented , and refused ( ? ) , you lost nothing , the app worked exactly as designed , have you frozen your card as advised to in the in app help sections for lost or stolen card ?

You cannot get in touch with customer services , who would tell you to “freeze your card and order a new one” - but the app explains perfectly what to do in these circumstances, freeze your card and order a new one …there would be absolutely no other advice from customer services, they aren’t going to run around to the location and collar the thief , there is no loss to your account …

Its inconvenient that you had your card stolen , you lost nothing , with most other banks the contactless transaction from the thief would have just gone through you wouldn’t have known anything about it

edit - I suspect the police have already concluded their report , you lost your bank card …NFA …doesnt even warrant a crime number as nothing lost , nothing to claim on insurance.


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Just follow the advice of freezer the card and order a new one, if nothings been debited then that’s good, if something’s come out tap it and report it that would get you through to someone pretty quickly


but…but… muh outrage


Correct my thoughts exactly. It is that functionality that sets Monzo apart from many of its competitors and no doubt saves fortunes due to fraud.

Posts like this do make me wonder though why people don’t know about things like freezing the card. I get it that though that you might be in a bit of a panic and forget about things. Maybe something for Monzo to think about how better to highlight the self serve functions. I know with other apps when you first use it you get key parts highlighted with an explanation of what it does.


I wonder if the ‘problem’, such as it is, is that after you touch the suspect transaction, you have to scroll to the bottom to see the ‘Something wrong? Get help.’ link, and that the OP hasn’t thought to scroll, which would explain the slight overreaction.


To be fair to the OP, the complaint seems to be the inability to get through to Customer Service. This has been reported on the forum many times.

For most banks, the traditional procedure is to call them, report the loss/theft, and wait for a new card to arrive. That flow appears not to have worked on this occasion with Monzo.

Hopefully, the OP will have sorted it out in app now.


Isn’t the flow in app …type your question in … and read the advice before you chat to customer services , isn’t that the very nature of an app based bank ?

flow seems OK to me


If i remember correctly when i first started with Monzo i got a “welcome to Monzo, get started here”
Pop up right at the top in the feed. If you click on that it takes you through how to use the app.

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I mentioned this in another topic earlier today so I can share the same screenshot here too.

It’s only a small article that clearly states the steps that they should follow by freezing their card and such. There’s also a ‘report fraud’ option in there too :slight_smile: by tapping this I guess they will get higher priority in the support queue rather than the usual route? :man_shrugging: and Monzo have stated previously that they will receive all the transaction information that they need to action it all a lot quicker.

Talking about the transaction screen, not the articles in the help section:

If you don’t know there’s more, you’re not necessarily going to look, are you? Especially if you’re looking at this screen for the first time while you’re feeling stressed.

As we’ve recently been told that the best way to report such issues is directly from the transaction rather than searching ‘Help’ for articles, I looked at what it would actually involve.


at least there is an arrow pointing to it :slight_smile:


That’s not really possible when the card’s been stolen :sweat_smile:

I wonder if the numerous support questions pop up because of the chat experiment, a new type of negative campaign against Monzo, or just the number of new users Monzo onboarded in the past months


If Monzo want to take it and use it, I won’t ask for any money :rofl:

I think this is definitely a factor. Is it still an A/B test or have they removed the chat button for everyone now? Double-checked my app and my chat button has now gone. I hope all the feedback about it being too difficult to contact support now is making its way back to the relevant teams and being looked at.


Yes, but I wasn’t referring to the Monzo flow. I was saying that the expected traditional flow is to call your bank to get problems resolved.

However, it appears that the OP has joined the forum to make a statement, and disappeared. I’m guessing that the whole conversation is moot, now. :+1:


Veryyyyy true. Precoffee comment :sweat_smile: