Card and Phone Stolen

What is the process if, for example, your phone and your card get stolen? There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact anyone at Monzo other than here via slow methods (twitter, email etc).

I think it might be a good idea to have a web page that allowed you to freeze the card in an emergency. Of course it would mean you’d have to be able to access your email via some other device to log in - which might be painful.


Hey Andy! Totally agreed :slight_smile: We will have a simple web page at some point that does that. In the meantime, our customer service phone number is on the back of the card and in lots of the places on the forum (and soon clearly on the website too) and we can freeze your card instantly too. Hope that makes sense!

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Yes, phone number on the front page would also be a solution :slight_smile:

It’s great that you have the phone number on the website. And it’s a 800 free number woohoo but…
If you are aroad non-geographical (that including 800) are not certain to work even if you add +44.
Would be good to see a second number (geographical number) which could be used abroad.