Card declined at ASDA

(Peter Henry Gilfoyle) #1

Just a transaction, using MONZO card, declined. Had to use alternate card. Transaction has still appeared, as a debit, in my MONZO account. Help please!
Note on receipt “Card issuer denied the charge”!

(Hugh) #2


This transaction will probably drop off in a couple of days but best to contact support either in app or at :slight_smile:

EDIT: looks like this is realted to an outage:

Good old GPS…


Same happened here in a shop in France. Transaction declined, paid with another card then ‘felt’ money being taken off my Monzo card. Had long discussion with shop assistant and manager who are 100% certain the transaction wasn’t completed. How embarrassing I may have to go back and eat humble pie! I, however, want my card balance put back to what it was.

(Vanessa) #4

This also happened to me 25mins ago in Portugal. Went to pay with monzo and despite it showing up on the app it had gone through, the store said it had declined. Had to pay with cash instead.

(Jacob) #5

I was using the card fine over the weekend and it just got declined in tescos in uk… reliability is kind of key for a bank… whats the point if i have to carry my other card around! Luckily i had my phones tap and pay!!


FWIW my kerv was declined at the same time, they must use GPS too

(Hugh) #7

Yeh, it is unfortunate. Transactions are handled by a (unreliable) 3rd party on the prepaid programme. The Current Account is all in house and much more reliable :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just used my monzo CA card instead. Worked fine.


A Starling customer uses the Monzo prepaid app to inform him of Starling outages as they don’t tell customers of service interruptions. :neutral_face:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #10

I don’t understand why Starling have disabled SMS alerts on their status page. Having to follow the monzo pre-paid status page simply to get info about outages at Starling is effing CRAZY.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

just be aware there are different SMS sign ups for status notifications on the prepaid and the Current Account -

(Sam Watkin) #12

Hi folks - I’m really sorry about the trouble today :pensive: Our card processor had an outage for around an hour earlier on, which caused card payments to fail. This only affected the Monzo prepaid card.

Things seem to be back to normal now, but as ever, I recommend you carry a spare card with you for the rest of today, just in case we see a reoccurrence. You can keep fully up to date with all of this by checking out

@PeterG if you message in through the app we should be able to get this issue resolved for you.

Thanks so much for your ongoing patience :heart:️ we can’t wait to migrate everyone over to the current account soon.


And anyone else using GPS!

(Hugh) #14

Hopefully with Monzo moving customers over the Current Account the strain on GPS should decrease…

(Bruce Davies) #15

I’m curious - why didn’t Monzo notify customers of the issue? Another card issuer who uses the same card processor managed to!

(Bob) #16

Feel free to subscribe to the prepay status page:

(Hugh) #17

Monzo does? You should get a notification and in app message to this effect.

It’s Starling that doesn’t…


I didn’t get an in app notification, l noticed it on Twitter. Normally though Monzo are spot on with notification so l can forgive one…

(Hugh) #19

It was a fairly short outage as well

(Bruce Davies) #20

Didn’t get notifications (or any other communication) from Monzo (I’m Pre-pay) or Starling. Got three (email) communications though from Curve (‘may have an issue’, ‘yes there’s an issue’, ‘all clear’).