Logging Into Account on a New Phone

Hi I’m struggling I’ve got my monzo card used it for year changed phone now open monzo its put me in cue. Why can’t I log in even when I press link in email???

It sounds like you might have gone a screen too far - rather than tapping Continue, when you open the app, choose the ‘already have an account’ option & then enter your email address.

If that doesn’t work, you can email the support team at help@monzo.com or send them a DM on Twitter (the former is probably faster).

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I didn’t I taped already member received email to log in then it asked me for my details hence put me in cue for new monzo?

My only other guess is you’re not entering the email address that you signed up to Monzo with. If it’s asking for your details, that suggests that it’s not picking up an account linked to the email address you entered.

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I’ve emailed help I go holiday in less then a couple of hours. :frowning:


How can I speed things up

presumably you are using the same phone number on your new phone ? and have tried deleting the app , switched your phone off, turned your phone on and reinstalled the app then re logged in ? deleted all your previous email link attempts and just using the current email link ?

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Yes, just goes to the que! Is there not a way of using the 16 digit card number to log in.

sorry why are you using a 16 digit number to log in - as far as Im aware just needs your email address to send you an email to get the magic link to log you back into your account

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I made the suggestion of using 16 digit I did not imply I did. I followed usual procedure given I am already a member when I open app I click already member then received email with magic link… clicked link sent me to details page where it said confirm your details then next I know I’m In the sue for new card. Clearly from previous bugs of the magic link its on going issue. But I need my app today now!!

Ive just logged out of my account and logged in with my email got an email sent to me with a magic link , pressed it and straight back in

Im sorry I didn’t understand that " made the suggestion of using 16 digit I did not imply I did "
Im sorry that you need your app today , now , ---- Im trying to help you after all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have you checked that you’re using the email address that you signed up for your Monzo account with?

Yes I’m using email I applied monzo with.

So you’ve double checked?

Yes double checked ive got all relevant emails when i signed up a year ago. now what happens it just sends to to the que for card.

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Your scenario doesnt involve you changing your phone. But thanks for testing

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Ok FYI I’ve flagged your posts but to be honest, I doubt that will speed things up.

If you’ve mentioned that you leave in a few hours, I’d be surprised if you don’t get a response soon, the team prioritises tickets based on urgency.

So they will pick up I leave in less the few hours on this thread?

I expect they’re more likely to pick that up from your email, I’m not sure how quickly they’ll see this post.

if it puts you in the queue for the card screen have you tried a three finger swipe on that screen - that might get you to a screen to enter your card details ???

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