I can't log in in a new phone

So I had to emergency buy a new phone because the old one stopped working.
Setting up the new phone, I can’t log in in Monzo after I do the email verification, because it asks me which phone number I want to use, and using the same one from before is not an option for whatever reason.
It’s my only phone number and I can’t go back to the old phone by any means, what I am supposed to do?

Thanks for your time

I think perhaps you are pressing the CREATE ACCOUNT button, if you press the LOG IN button it should ask for your email and you’ll get a magic link to log you in.

Definitely not.
It’s a regular log in.
It is weird that it asks me for ‘what email and what phone number do you want to use?’ but I have no control over it…it just says the phone number is already in use and the app gets stuck there.

Phone number is part of the account opening flow so you’ve probably pressed the wrong button somewhere along the line. It happens quite regularly fro the posts we see here.

Ah…I found out that I used a different email address instead of my regular one. LOL sorry guys and thanks!