Logging Into Account on a New Phone

By the way, I’ve just seen your tweet, could you please let me know if you’re unable to reply to this topic now? As far as I know, just because there’s 20 replies, that shouldn’t stop you from posting again.

Extremely frustrated. No one on the chat or phone is responding. I looked into my app two days ago and it asked me to fill in all my details which I did. I presumed that the app was relaunching so I filled all my details again. But at the end I received a message saying unfortunately I cannot open a monzo account. I have called several times and been on hold for over an hour but no response. This is the only account I have and this is an emergency. Could someone please tell me what to do. Thank you.

You are probably using the wrong email. If you use an email not registered to an account, the app presumes you’re trying to open an account and asks for all your details.

If you have an account linked to the email then you get logged in.

Check you are using the correct email.


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