Can’t access the app on my new phone

I have read other threads about deleting the app, restarting the phone and re installing the app. I have tried these but it’s still not working.
When I log in and the app sends the verification code it says ‘that number is in use’ and that’s that - can’t get any further
When I’ve searched on the internet it says go online to your website - but no apparent fixes there either
Can you help?

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I’m the past this was because there were two flows to a fresh install, I’ve not installed for a while so don’t know if it’s still the case but one was signing up and one was logging in.

The message you’ve got sounds like you’re trying to sign up again rather than login?


I’ve just taken one for the team, there are two options on a fresh install for me. Are you picking the bottom one?


Hey There,

It sounds like you’re clicking I'm new to Monzo as it’s replying that the number you’re using is in use, can you try clicking I already have an account and follow the flow? :heart:

Also, make sure that the email you use is the one you registered with. Otherwise you’ll just get the new customer flow anyway which will error out.

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I’m signing in with I already have an account but get the same message

Are you using the right email address?

When you’re signing back in, you don’t get a text or add your mobile number (I don’t think)

You add your email and you get a magic link via email, then you click that and log in.

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And as I said above even if you click log in, if you put the wrong email address in, it’ll send you a “magic link” to sign up rather than one to log in

Monzo need to review magic links and sign up/log in flows IMO

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Certainly sounds like you’re entering the wrong email address. Think of what other email address you could have signed up with and try that

Hi Elaine & welcome :wave:

To check if the email you are using is correct (or try other emails to check which is the correct one), you can do this via browser - you can login to see the emergency information at

That might help pin down which email address you used to originally sign up for Monzo quicker.

If you don’t get a Magic Link email from Monzo regardless of the (valid) email address you are trying, Monzo states:

What to do if you don’t receive your login email:

  • Check your email address is definitely correct. It can be very easy to mistype!

  • Wait for 10 minutes – sometimes your email provider will delay the email arriving in your inbox.

  • Check your Spam folder (and please mark it as Not Spam).

  • If you use Gmail, check your Promotions folder (and please move them into your main folder).

  • If you have changed email addresses, you’ll need to send us a message.

  • If none of the above work, please send us an email to from your registered email address and we’ll get you up and running!


Yes it was the wrong email :see_no_evil:


It’s always a panic when something goes wrong but this forum (speaking from experience) is a great place to get help on many things.

Glad you’re sorted.

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