Living with a Mental Health Problem

im living with a health problem and im finding it so hard to get food

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Due to money or leaving the house ?


looking at the Sainsburys website from this thread they offer a vulnerable customers priority service maybe that could help you ?


i cant get through to any of them numbers

unfortunately you need to be patient , further down in the thread it mentions 25 minutes on the phone to get through , they must be incredibly busy at the moment

Can you get out the house to get to the shops or is it causing too much anxiety? Is there a friend or family member who could go for you?

i dont even get that far it cuts me off

anxiety and i aint got no friends

Are there any local groups by you who are helping people? Try to contact your local food bank as they’ll know if there’s anyone locally who can help. A lot of communities have groups helping the vulnerable with shopping


ok will do

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Try the 0800 63 62 62 it may take a couple of goes but it does work. It skips the threshold system, then Option 2, and then either 1,2,3 doesn’t matter. It then actual goes to ringing, so its best to make a tea and put on speaker but you’ll actually be in a proper queue. Could be a few mins could be 30mins.

The one they give you 0800 328 1700 has hundreds of thousands trying it so it’s either line busy or through to recorded message telling you busy.

It’s so fucking stupid that they haven’t bothered to create a dedicated line or you know add a way to do it via the website/app. There’s going to be thousands that haven’t been auto added and can’t physically make a call.


If you are able to get out at all then avoid large supermarkets, they are going to be hell on your anxiety. Small local shops just after they open tend to be a lot quieter

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yh i tried that but shops aint got alot of stuff

Where abouts are you based?

There are a lot of Covid19 Mutual Aid groups that should be able to help.They tend to be hyper local, like the ward of your borough local:

Hope that can help!


I was just trying to work out the maths. When I asked they had 50 people on calls.

Let’s say they can process a call every minute, and they do that 8:30am to 11:30pm non stop.

60 calls per hour * 15hrs * 50 staff = 45,000 a day

Sounds like plenty but there’s potentially millions trying to register.

Now I’m not saying they all shop at Sainsbury’s but there’s 10 million over 70s and 14 million disabled, and ? million which are vulnerable in the UK.

1000000/45000 = 22.2 days to deal with just one million calls

People are going to be fucked if they don’t update their app/website.


yeah i know its all crazy

Whilst it’s not much help for general food, you should find a few restaurants have swapped to a delivery only service where they leave it on your doorstep and knock.

I just got a Pizza Hut email in the last few mins. It’s slightly better better than starving. Only just. Other better places might be local to you.

Our local Indian restaurant is excellent and swapped to delivery only, but can’t really afford to do that every night at £25 a pop.

You might be able to get a veg/meat box to your door too.

Check Facebook, quite a few local groups/pages have cropped up, one here in Glasgow has a base at a ‘now closed’ pub which is coordinating shopping for those who can’t manage (we’ve delivered food to a couple of elderly people the last few days before the full lockdown).

Hope you get something sorted, take care of yourself, and remember places like the Samaritans are still there even just for a chat to get some human contact. It will help.

I appreciate I don’t know how far your anxiety stretches , but today I went to Sainsburys at about 8.30, we all queued in an orderly fashion ( british you know :slight_smile: ) , we kept our distance from every other person in the queue, the staff at the entrance door let in 2-3 people at a time , presumably as others left the shop - the shelves I would say were 80+ % stocked , it was all very calm inside , no pushing , no crowds , not much noise, quite surreal really :slight_smile: when we had the shopping we wanted we again queued, at a distance to check out , the staff were fantastic , very friendly , couldn’t do enough for anyone. It was very heartening to see how the staff have put such an effort in to ensure everybody has food. Just my experience that might help you to venture out … :slight_smile:

edit - and it was a gorgeous day outside

Can confirm the same at a local Morrisons. My partner was there to get food for an elderly neighbour. Queued for 15 mins, got in, fairly quiet inside, self-service tills only every second one in use to keep distance. They’ve got markers on the floors, lots of thought put into it.

If you can manage to get to a supermarket it is no longer ‘mass panic buying hordes’.

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