When i try to do my grocery shopping it wont let me pay

hi there im having problems with my monzo card can anyone help yes ive been on chat still waiting for a reply. i can use my card online, contactless, transfering money no problems. when i try to do my grocery shopping it wont let me pay it dosent even get to the enter pin bit other family members have monzo and can use it at the same merchants to pay for items no problems whatsover its embarassing my daughter has had to bail me out twice now im getting a bit naffed off can anyone help please thankyou.

Might be a damaged chip. Order a new one using the damaged option

Does it work in an ATM?

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I hope you don’t mind but I amended your title from ‘Frustrated’ to something more meaningful. This is so that if a Monzo payment specialist is browsing through the forum (for example) they can see that this topic is a match for their expertise. They can then jump in and help.

I also moved it from the ‘chat’ section to the help section for similar reasons :slight_smile:

If I had to guess the cause, I’d agree with @Rat_au_van above. Seems like you’re already on track to getting the best possible help by speaking in app, so hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer :crossed_fingers:


@Rika thoughts on this one?

ive ordered a new one fingers crossed it works didnt occur to me the chip could be damaged .

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